Vicious Cycles

“I eat because im unhappy, and im unhappy because i eat.” - Fat Basterd from “Spy Who Shagged me”

though comical it is a genuine representation of a “vicious cycle”

the term vicious cycle as i would like to use it is in the sense that something begets more of itself, and its produt is bad or unwanted.

a real life example of a vicious cycle that i would like to point out is poverty.

being poor can contribute to a great deal of deficiencies in areas that only hurt your chances of overcoming poverty itself.

let’s start with credit. credit is something that is attributed to an individual with a positive reputation of fuffilling agreements (financial ones). any kind of financial agreement is done with the consumer (the individual) making an agreement with a company or establishment where the consumer believes the agreement is in his or her best interest (meaning that it is a good financial move).

when someone has no credit (poverty) they have no way of making any kind of complex agreement with an establishment in terms of loan or investment, without first having to build up his or her credit.

when someone is in a position where they cannot build credit due to nothing more than living costs, how can they get out of that sitchuation having no way to make an investment with no credit or save up money because he or she is living in poverty already.

sometimes even with the most whole hearted struggles there is no way to go financially but down.

when the government uses the things we entrust them with to be used for the benifit of all and they instead waste it on things like trillion dollar armies or 90 billion dollar space craft, those below a certain line must suffer the consequences (i.e the poor people of north america and the starving people of the world). but thats just a small piece of the pie.

then there is the living standard that varies greatly among different classes of wealth.

while the very rich enjoy the best in education and privatley funded schools, the less fortunate are taught based on a social standard. the standard of which is very strangley decided and even more strangley distributed (it varies).

even among schools from suburb to ghetto the quality of funding is incredibly bias.

next there is the matter of respect. im sad to say it but a “poor-nobody” (just one of many) can rarley have his voice herd in many ways unless he has the money to pay for the “mega phone”.

there are other ways in which being poor contributes to your further entrenchment in poverty, but i am interested to hear any thoughtsyou may have on this or even better if you know of any other worldly vicious cycles.

Poverty tends to isolate people from each other. Whereas poor people are more worried about his own survival, rich tend to help other rich (by pooling their resources and forming networks that reflect their interests) and manage to further isolate themselves from poor people.

How about the “Spiral of Violence” by Camara? I think that would qualify as a vicious cycle. And I agree about poverty being a classic example of a vicious cycle.

i began reading the spiral of violence. it seems all inclusive. almost like a book about bad products and how they self generate. it will make for a tedious read but thanks for the suggestion

at last something to fuel my cynicism!! :evilfun: :evilfun: :evilfun: (im sure cynicism is mentioned :laughing: )

The rich help people? When did this happen?

I said rich help other rich.

Yes you did. My bad. Now that I can believe. :slight_smile:


stumbled across another one today… Hype.

once you believe in your own hype you set yourself up for disaster. much like the major movies of late and their trailers

A vicious cycle is like a catch-22, like when you apply for a job and they say you can’t have the job because you don’t have experience. But how are you going to get experience if nobody will hire you due to lack of experience. ](*,)

i would call that more of a vicious un-cycle :laughing:

sid’s choppers was closed in 1978



Even more vicious is when they say they won’t hire you because you have too much experience. So getting experience also gets you into a vicious cycle since you have to start all over in something else where you have no experience if you have too much experience.

Anyway you put it, it is a vicious cycle.