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Dan, this is a philosophy website.

is it ever morally correct for super mario to beat the koopas on their poor little heads in order to release the princess (an evil conservative wealth hoarding capitalist) from her bondage?


Did you say “bondage”?


Another perfect example, huh? Don’t start with the bondage thing, it incites arousal…

My thoughts exactly… Seriously, aren’t there already enough discussion boards out there on the net peddling on about anime and video games?

Have you seen the amount of people with Half Life quotes in their sigs? There are like… three! Uh. Yeah, that’s a lot!

Yeah. I’m one…[size=59]Seems that I’m in a minority…[/size]

But what website peddles on about them, philosophically?

Can we also get a Godzilla forum?

Why not just a godzilla thread?

Because Godzilla is far too BIG for one thread.

How bout this method then? Explain how the forum topic is philosophically pertinent, and you’ll have a handy-dandy new topic in 6-8 weeks.

Yay Baragon!

I don’t want to show that Godzilla is pertinent to philosophy necessarily, I Just want to show that it’s as pertinent as video games!

Video games are pertinent to philosophy because they provide a reward system for simulating the world. Unless we really know the thing were studying really well, it’s hard to recreate it. So games can show us what things we don’t know about the world. The video game market fuels research into physics (or how to simulate it) and, of course, computer hardware. Also, a game is philosophically pertinent because it could be used as an example of infinite regress, like if we made a complete simulation of the world, and then a simulated person did too, and then the simulated person in that simulation did, and so on.

Explain how Godzilla is as pertinent as that. Also, how is a visual arts forum pertinent to philosophy? We have as many gamers as we do artists, I would say.


No reply. I win!

Also, there are various moral and societal quandaries within video games. For instance… If you laugh when you kill somebody in a game, does that make you morally “less?”

I cry every time I make Max Payne shoot a gangster.

That would be kinda cool.