Do you or have you ever experienced visions? I myself see stuff regularly - women striking sexy poses, dudes tipping their hats etc.

Have you had any cool visions? Please share.

Do you just mean like, do I sometimes view things? Or are you asking if I sometimes have hallucinations? The answer to both these is yes.

I see images…(guilt-ridden)

I always see (in my mind) a never disappearing shrinking square and inside of this square lines connect to make a rectangle inside of that square and it just continues in creating a smaller area of small rectangles becoming narrower and narrower until i can no longer see a distinct rectangle but one line blurred from all of these rectangle making. Whenever i visibly see a drawing of a square or rectangle without anything inside of it i become very impulsive…The madness!

Well, there is no ‘remote viewing’, only the illusion of it.

A vision is like a spontaneous visualisation. An image presents itself, often along with accompanying smells, feelings etc.

Yes, it has happened. Scientists are looking into this phenomena, it actually happens more than what we want to admit because, of the stigma attached to this occurence. We see things that we have never seen before. Strangers or places. It is bizzare. For some it only happens in a plit second, others can get quite a string of images, sights, smells and texture feelings included.

When I was a kid I used to see this face in my dreams and awake. It was a man, Bearded , shaven, smiling, angry etc… I got to know this face as a person and its personality. Then when I was 18 almost 19, I stopped seeing this normal day to day image. About 6 months later I met him, and have been married to him for 22 yrs. He had had some sort of image floating in his head about redheads all his life. We discovered recently that he had moved into my city 6 months before we actually met.

I see dead people.

I sometimes have a vision of myself being pierced like Ming the Merciless at the end of that film.

I’ve seen sugar plums before, but I don’t tell people. It is very embarrassing.

i was going to use that airex but then realized the clicheness of it…

At least there were not fairys dancing on them.

Well I didn’t tell you the whole story.

[runs away]

Like… hallucinations? Or, schizophrenic delusions?

Anyways, the answer is: only while high.

Well, that and this one time I saw a guy jump out of a car through the roof. Not 100% if that was on TV though.

When I was a kid my dad used to see all sorts of crazy shit and had to do a little time in the hospital. Interesting stuff…

Question of the day: what did he see?

My question: was it real?

People that he didn’t know.
It seemed real to me, but then again I was only about 5 or 8 years old.

I had some amusing hallucinations when tripping on mushrooms in an Amsterdam hotel room with a soaking wet bath towel draped around my head like a turban. It was a very warm evening.

Hmm, I never tripped that way on shrooms. I only became happier and everything I saw became 4 times more intense as did sounds and textures.(Intimacy on shrooms is soo cool :sunglasses: ). Now the one time I dropped a bit of acid I did Hallucinate but, it was a blast, lasted 8 hrs. Which is why I only did that one time, too fun, too dangerous.

I have seen many things on shrooms, some beautiful, some terrifying. I like to say that I found the Philosopher’s Stone on my first trip. It was mostly ultramarine blue, cut like a crystal in part, but also still rough for a great part, with pieces of rock and silver and gold metal on it. Marveling at this stone, I heard the most extraordinary music, which I directed myself, and could I have taped it would have sold millions.

Between 1993 and 2001 I took more LSD than anyone I’ve ever met. I travelled to 38 different states and 4 other countries doing it everywhere I went. Mountains, deserts, tundra, lots of beaches. I’d say that hallucinations have been a major part of my development. Sometimes I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to think like I used to, then I wonder how I used to think. I started doing so much at such a young age that I’m not sure I even thought at all before I took LSD.
I used to have a huge afro that was about 2 1/2 feet wide. When I would look at it in a mirror it would never stop moving. Freaked me out every time.
Check it out. That’s me in Amsterdam for new year’s 2000.