Vocabulary Help!

hahahah…you said ass

OK, the new word is “smittied”, for reasons I’d care not to divulge.


Doesn’t that refer to useless talk from the police officer named ‘smitty’ on any given crime drama?

or maybe that’s ‘Martinezed’


Okay, let’s use the new word in the sentence:

“When you told me about the scabarous growth on your ass, I was smittied. So, please stop talking about it.”

Perfect. Give it time and it will sound like it’s always been a word. I’m serious.

Good one, Ucci.


To make very angry or impatient; annoy greatly.

adj : greatly annoyed; out of patience

(takes bow)

The only problem with “smitted” is although it means “struck injurously” it also means “smitten”, as in “captivated by, taken by”.