Vocabulary Help!

I have run across a sitution for which I do not have a word. What word do you use to express the opposite of being interested? It’s not ‘disinterested’, that’s neutral. Let me demonstrate:

1.) You tell me about a new Godzilla movie being released. I am very interested. I have a desire to hear it.

2.) You tell me about the process you went through to file your state income taxes. I am disinterested- the topic holds no appeal to me, I’m probably ignoring you.

3.) You tell me about the scabarous growth on your ass. I am …? I have an active desire for you to stop talking about the current subject.

So what’s the word?

…disgusted? :laughing:






Right, Adlerian, is the new Smurf. Insted of saying, “I feel Smurfy” you can just say, “I feel Adlerian.” It’s cool try it.



ie the topic repelled my interest.


ie I was interested until she took her clothes off?




Doesn’t exist…

(from Thesauras.com) - T’d off, abhorred, appalled, displeased, fastidious, fed up, full up, grody, grossed out, had bellyful, had enough, had it, nauseated, nauseous, offended, outraged, overwrought, queasy, repelled, repulsed, revolved, satiated, scandalized, sharooshed, sick, sick of, squeamish, tired, turned off, unhappy, weary

Repelled and Abhored are the closest. Let me give an example, because I think the scabby ass thing is throwing people.

1.) You tell me there’s a sequel hitting the theaters to a movie I really liked. Interested!

2.) You tell me about the 45 minute phone conversation you had with your mother on your way home from the theater. Disinterested! Apathetic, uninterested, and dismissive seem to fit here for me as well.

3.) You tell me about the suprise-twist ending to the movie even though I haven’t seen it yet.
Repelled and abhored work pretty good, disgusted applied in my first case, but not so much this one. Is this a candidate for a new word, or is Abhored/repelled good enough?

How about “disaffected”?


Or “malcontented”?


I would say uninterested, too.

What about “ignorant” ?



Ucci, just make it up, who knows maybe they’ll accept it and it will just stick. How come some people can make up words like “spork” or “ding-a-ling” and get a nod?

I don’t think there were too many nods… just alot of, ‘I don’t care enough to say anything’

I personally like repelled