Wants, autonomy, Emotion, Avoidance, Rightness, frequency

This is a topic, or perhaps, A way of thinking I would like to expand upon

Sometimes people have disagreements, and sometimes people intend to reconcile those differences. Two seemingly contradictory positions can be examined, and specific wants can be identified of individual persons. In my opinion, Often, given enough education and attention, the two positions can move closer together, and the specific wants become reconciled.

At other times, people may intend to avoid a reconciliatory approach, By sheer power, or by means of positing a false choice (Controlling the narrative), or changing the topic… Or…

Person A: “We can have chicken for dinner or steak for dinner”
Person B: “Or…We can have both.”
Person A: “So is that chicken or steak?”
Person B: “Or… I can have fish and you can have steak for dinner”
Person A: “No we need to have the same thing”
Person B: “Or… We can have different things”
Person A: - becomes frustrated due to lack of ability to impose control
Person B: “Or…” ad infinitum - may be emotionalized response due to perceived intention to impose control

(This sums up my relationship with my mother, fwiw. I’m more akin to person B)

One can view this in terms of intention to control, and one can view this with intention to avoid

This Logical operator can be applied to wide variety of situations:

Given a false choice? Do you dislike the given options of said false choice? Try using “Or…” in response.

I think of the false choice as a dichotomy… lets say determinism vs free will, for example. Theism vs atheism. etc… (insert common philosophical dichotomy here). Or when given this false choice, be it philosophical otherwise… my mind thinks “okay make the argument quantifiable”. Sure. Lets put free will and determinism on an axis on a cartesian plane. On this plot, lets take a right. It doesn’t really matter what the other axis is. Lets call it a reconciled subset. Lets call it a different topic. Doesn’t matter.

I try to abstract this way of thinking. “Lets apply “OR” as much as possible given some domain”. Then, I think… Well I would think that God, JeSus, could do this much faster than anyone else.

I wonder… “How fast can I perceive some argument, subsequently negate it, put said argument and negation on a scale, and then apply “Or” to get away from the domain”. I naively would like to think that, to do this very quickly (much faster than humans) begins to get at something divine. How one chooses to use the concept of “Or”… to avoid giving an answer to the imposed constrains of a question… I tend to think of this at a feminine sexuality. But i don’t really know (I’m a dude).