Was George Washington Basically Just LARPing?

EDITED: I rephrased the title into a question. END EDIT

Just extrapolating what Parodites thinks about laws and People.

People should just shut up stay home, get vaccinated, and disregard whatever notions they might have of ethics or constitution.

Laws, if there are to exist any, should be expected to enforce themselves. Civil rights, if there is such a thing, should be expected to fight for themselves.

As a human citizen to actually try to like, do something, is Live Action Role Playing. Such undertakings should be scorned and prosecuted to the full extent of the erm, ehhh the law.

Discuss. Is the lofty, noble and all-reading philosopher right, or wrong, or both, or in between, or something else altogether?

When nobody steps forward, the one pushed forward from behind, is a Hero.

Same thing.

What particular laws prescribing or proscribing what particular behaviors given the moral and political value judgments of what particular people.

Some philosophers, some not.

In a world bursting at the seams with conflicting goods.

Also, given that intellectual scaffold, what on earth does The Philosopher mean by “George Washington was just Larping”?

In what particular contexts?

I take it this in response to Parodites saying the Capitol “siege” was just LARPing

“Recently, Fixed has called me a traitor, a Chinese defector, and un-American for these two opinions: that all the civil war, rebel stuff is a bunch of LARPing and it is not anywhere even close to the time for something like that”

“Why don’t one of you motherfuckers call me a “bad American” or a traitor and tell me to lick the boots of the Chinese because I don’t support running into federal buildings with a gang-load of retard LARPing morons pretending they’re going to initiate a glorious civil war or something?”

Parodites is right in the sense that the timing wasn’t right. It was obvious that most hardcore military types were NOT gearing up for action, and if push came to shove they would probably still follow the same old orders. So any sort of “action” at that point would of been met with stern resistance. Furthermore, the protest didn’t have any sort of leadership outside of Trump who certainly had no intention to lead men into “battle” that day. I think the left is smart in measuring what it would take for truly dangerous people to react (and apparently its ALOT… you can blatantly steal elections, put slave masks on children, usher in a new era of endless freedom suffocating government restrictions, and STILL people will not take violent action…and by people I mean the typical tough, conservative military guy… My conclusion is that this group lacks the right leadership to act, are weaker in spirit than they appear, or are bidding their time).

All that said, I don’t think it was LARPing. People were justifiably upset with the prospect of the election being stolen right before their eyes. I don’t think the majority of people going into the Capitol (many at not more than a brisk pace as the police ushered them in) thought they were initiating a “glorious civil war or something”… They were venting their outrage the only way they knew how in the moment. They were simply continuing the protest inside the Capitol. That all seems obvious to any normal person with well-adjusted senses… But given the last year of Covid-1984 conditioning, it only makes sense that the left would INSTANTLY frame that event as some sort of paradigm shifting 9/11 level event, and then keep hammering it into all the malleable Covid minds until everyone somehow forgot or stopped caring about the election steal… The Capitol event completely derailed all the energy directed towards overturning the election results.

Parodites’ position is patently absurd in light of his recent writing about “implicit rights”. The idea that a people should accept an evidently illegitimate president and to do otherwise is larping is so precisely the antithesis of the idea that rights are implicit in human existence that it just makes me laugh, in joylessly contempt. Oh you meant the rights are actually defending themselves, eh?

There is clearly no world-leader who believes boidy boidy is actually the president, none want to be seen with him, so for so called philosophers of the American republic to lie down tail wagging before the wannabe-usurper and even mock the people who dont do that is just incredibly absurd.

Im beginning to think American philosophers are complete faggots. Why do they run so quickly? Why do they abandon their alliances once these alliances begin to matter? Im never teaming up with one of these folks again.

No this isn’t and never was about the capitol stuff. Parodites lies about that. I called him a traitor before that had happened. I called him out on that several times but he just doesn’t notice, never really did read me very attentively, to put it mildly.