Was God creating Satan a good idea?

Was God creating Satan a good idea?

Eden and creation seemed to be going along quite well for God and man until Satan was cast into Eden by God. God would have been in charge of who he allowed into the Garden of Eden. After all, God would have kept a firm control of who entered his new day care so as to insure the wellbeing of Adam and Eve.

Being all knowing, God already knew that Satan, with God’s own power of deception, would successfully tempt Eve to eat of the tree of all possible knowledge.

It almost seems as if God wanted us to and planned for us to fail. Perhaps that is why the Church called Adams sin a happy fault and necessary sin.

Christian dogma, the opposite of Jewish dogma, has Satan as God’s nemesis and arch rival for the souls of mankind. God’s foreknowledge would have told him that Satan would cause him to condemn the vast majority of his beloved souls to hell and death and thus play into Satan’s hands. This to me seems like God creating a huge amount of grief for himself and mankind, unless God truly wanted man to fail, — and sin was a happy fault and necessary sin as the Church says.

Did Adam and Eve actually do what God really wanted them to do, and was God creating Satan a good idea?

We are told by the Church and scriptures to emulate God.

Should all parents do as God did and create a situation of failure for their children so as to insure that they too have the happy fault and necessary sin that makes them fail?

Why was it important for God to insure that we failed?


The Eden story is obviously extremely allegorical. Taking it literal and asking of God should have literally done the things we’re taking literally seems odd.

True that myths should not be read literally, but this story is read that way by many Christians and their hierarchy has used it to vilify women and make it easier for Christianity to be the misogynous and homophobic religion it is today.

All that evil based on a myth. Quite a shame.


Satan is the Self, the part of self that is the adversary. This is not a creation of God; it is a human construct.
The Miltonic notion of “felix culpa” is a rational description of the adversary as necessary for eventual spiritual enlightenment. It is becoming by overcoming. Without such obstacles there would be no spiritual growth. I’d prefer not to be made ill in order to be well.

Even a lowly human being such as Robert Oppenheimer, after aiding in creating the atomic bomb, stated “I am become death, the destroy of worlds”. Oppenheimer didn’t fly the bomb and drop it over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He didn’t give the order. He didn’t ok the thousands of children that would die, or be marred by radiation poisoning. If it is used in a far more evil way than in World War II, he didn’t condone that. But he knew of the possibilities.

God on the other hand, would have known not just the possibilities, but the inevitability. God created a being knowing that it would become the most evil being of all time, luring and tempting millions, billions of people to eternal suffering and damnation. Introducing sin and rebellion to all that is good, god created his antithesis, knowingly. God offers no remorse, such as Oppenheimer, yet God created something worse than the nuclear bomb.

Some esoteric traditions us that thinking while others use Jesus.

Whatever or whoever stimulates seeking God gets my thumbs up.

As an esoteric ecumenist, I look at the good morals produced and ignore the path.


Religiously speaking, no argument.

As to the bomb. Compare the numbers killed by them as compared to the millions of lives saved by atomic radiation.

Sure science can be misused. It can also be well used and so far I think we are on the plus side with our learning how to split the atom.


See the above forum on my comments, as to the conceptual impossibility of God as similarly applied.

God is not who we think. He is a central Entity for consciousness, the culpa, as Irr, quoted Milton,

as the top of the heap,compressed and focused , allegorically represented as the tip top of a pyramid, It has become an overcoming of time and space,
hence the point with no dimensions.

In order for a differentiation to occur, time and space are introduced,and that process in turn Creates, with

Necessary pain and evil. The nemesis is inherent in the creation. Consciousness begins to have segments, and why this happens is an impossible question of analysis. The why is overcome by the pleasure resulting in creation, the dynamism likened to pleasure constantly overcoming pain. When re-integration finally results in death, the pain overcomes the pleasure, the pain of realizing the loss, the loss of conscious, individual existence.

God didnt create satan per but FREE WILL, and the wrong choice brings about evil… so yes in a way, he allows satan/evil to exist. That’s the primary meaning or allegory of the Eden tale. Adam and Eve lived in paradise happily ever after, in a sweet bondage so to speak… until the snake in the “Three Of Knowledge” threw everything upside down. The choice of willing to know comes with a curse attached, using knowledge for good or evil is the price of Free Will.

The only goal of the Cosmic Mind, that of God, is to create experiences in all dimensions/planes of existence, on earth and beyond.

PS: The snake is perceived as evil by the christian doctrine but for many other belief systems, it is not. The snake can be many things, such as representing the DNA, a wave length since everything vibrates and spins or even the kundalini, the (sexual) energy spiraling up along the spine, which still used by our medical establishment.

Are they on this forum?

I’ve stated this before and I agree. Only a monster would want to cage it’s creation for eternity. Satan the light bringer, the emancipator.

I view it without the need of a god though, the experiencing though, got it.