Waste, nature, and inefficiency

I’ve been thinking how it took so many worlds, and lives and deaths, to produce, eventually, a wise man or woman, and during their lives, only part of what they do is congruent with wisdom. I thus see nature as inefficient, when it comes to producing anything of a higher type. Making a powerful-man, is not so easy either, but some of these neechee folk may realize that strength is a rare thing. Strength as a higher type, is subject to the principle that nature favors quantity over quality.

Dan, wealth can be translated.

I don’t lose anything by teaching you to say “hi” in 6 languages, because I still can.

This can be done with powers as well.

Now, anything can be molded or copied and pasted.

I can copy and paste my 27 year old liver to my 40 year old self… this allows for infinite sustainability.

If you treasure something in life, you need limits…

I treasure smoking nicotine cigarettes, which requires lungs, intake lighters and cigarettes… a body, etc…

Limitations give us our joys, and the limitless requires precision of use.

The type of code is mutual joy, love with another is the mutual enjoyment of beauty… once seen, it becomes critical to cultivate it. I hated much of my life or any life, and through a series of ordeals I saw love that I never realized was there. Suddenly life opened up differently at that moment.

I think of people who have the love of nothing at all, but how can you love the complete absence of love?you can’t. Think of the movie no country for old men, where the psychopath relied on the kindness of strangers, once you truly grasp the value of the mutuality, which even “monsters” are given, show it to them, reveal it to them, looking back, those seeds were the treasures, then they’ll feel like they wasted their whole life, but love has a funny way of enduring once people see that it’s the true force.

There are many tools to sustainably bring love in a respectful, fulfilling, mutual and dignified way - perhaps we are so willing to ignore love that we manifested all this waste just to wake us up, and once up, we turn it into love again, with all these tools to facilitate no waste

Can quantity become liken a quality? One blade of grass isn’t so glorious, but a field of blades in their imperfections becomes a fresh, plush carpet bed to walk barefoot on thus enhancing its strength by its sheer quantity and that sheer quantity is relished as a whole rather than a single blade of grass. To other animals, the same unified grass becomes their home, a strength accrued in the number of blades.

Is this how weakness becomes strength…this perspective of seeing the strength of the whole rather than its separate weak parts?

What happened that changed your tune from hate to love?

I saw love.

In yourself or elsewhere? You aren’t being very descriptive ya know. Also, when you refer to it as “see” you meant felt?

Understood. I understood love. When your soul is almost completely destroyed, there’s a peculiar thing that happens… you have the ability to see love.

I won’t go to much detail.

I’ll add that when I actually saw / understood love, I started to get my soul back, all the damage done - I’m taking the path of respectful sustainability of fantasy becoming reality - I know no other path, and I still take quite a lot in, my mind churns with settling desputes and the like. I want people to know they are individuals, exceedingly powerful, and that anything but love comes to ruin - we have cultivative properties once we see love for what it is