We need to Amend the Constitution

It should be 2/3 majority vote to impeach a duly-elected President, to avoid these Partisan abuses of powers.

Until such is changed, the US public should do all in their power to remove Democrats and Liberal-Left from offices.

The corruption is overflowing; the swamp must be drained.


hyper-partisan impeachments, he says. but of course it would come down to this in a society so divided like the U.S. again, if you fundamentally believe that the disgust engendered between right and left factions is neutralized by some principled respect and observation for/of the constitution, you are more naive then i thought. that piece of paper means precisely shit until these divisions are abolished. what matters is getting that cockroach out of office, by whatever means necessary. one doesn’t add any more corruption to a system that is already structurally corrupt. and by that i mean, a structure that is designed to benefit one group at the expense of another. to expect these two groups to sit together and have tea is ridiculous. what is going on here, this filthy mess that is politics, is a battle to destroy an ideological hegemony that has had a death grip on the western world for centuries. there are no ‘rules’ in such a battle.

jefferson and hamilton were already wrong before they even proposed this danger. there is no ‘we’ here, bro. there is ‘us’ and ‘them’, and there will always be until capitalism is annihilated.

this is not epistemology or metaphysics or ethics, or even philosophy. this is a common sense so common even your grandmother would understand it.

I agree that this would be a good idea, but there also needs to be consequences for those in your Congress who have provably lied to the public. Your US Constitution already allows for congressmen to to be impeached for perjury. It appears that US citizens are not aware that every high official speaking on behave of their office is subject to perjury. They are already under oath and perjury is betraying your oath.

The entire leadership of your House is already provably guilty of perjury. Mr Trump has already properly suggested it. The current problem is that your impeachment initiation must originate from those same bad actors.

An Additional Amendment
Your current system requires bad congress leaders to choose to convict themselves rather than perhaps your DOJ. The DOJ could initiate the allegations and then pass such indictments to the entire Congress for their verdict. It would still be up to Congress as a whole to actually impeach but as it is, the indictment cannot even begin due to House partisanship. Thus they keep lying without consequence and the lies just keep getting worse. Why not.

But you are already observed to be in support of having only one party (much the same as the Communist party in China) and that they be free to openly lie without consequence (because you would have to prove to the public that they knew the truth when they lied and yet you would never be allowed to speak to the public else be convicted of sedition). That is an embarrassingly naive position.

My grandmother was smarter than that.

“Us” means the American Public by which represents the US Constitution as the Foundation of (Our Western Civilization) Rights and/or Freedom.

This society is built upon this foundation. You may disagree. But you’d be wrong, historically. You may not serve the public interest. You maybe disloyal. But you are not “Middle America” nor are you Represented. You’ve already admitted as such many times. You have no ‘stake’ in the system, which, you believe is fundamentally against you or that you cannot ‘win’. I disagree. The “system” works for-or-against you. Most of that is your choice, which you choose to reject.

Again, you could buy yourself a high-priced lawyer and beat most charges that most Americans cannot beat. You can play the system. You can beat the system, in many cases. These are all choices.

To remove choices, according to Socialist-Marxist-Communist doctrines, is both Anti-American and nullification of the Bill of Rights, by which Western ‘freedom’ extends from.

Was the US ever a Democracy?
Two party system…and nobody knew why they differed, outside of taxation policies, until recently.

Anglo Land and Property Owners, male, were the only ones allowed to vote at the start of the US.

Of course, blacks and women could not, nor those un-invested in the system. Over time, US has become more ‘democratic’ to include blocs of voters, in attempts for one party to gain leverage over the other, resulting in today, where DNC and liberal-left want to give voting rights to illegal-immigrants or even as low as 16-year-olds. It’s a symptom of desperation.

being much closer to a pure socialist system and yet unable to fully transform from state capitalism - this due to external economic antagonisms created by other capitalist countries - the single party state of china is a necessarily suspended stage of the development toward socialism. but why are the chinese people generally content with the one party system? because the problems around and for which multi-party systems evolve in the capitalist western world do not exist for them, that’s why. trace the history of american political factions back as far as you want and you’ll find the same basic structure of conflict between them; party x represents the bourgeois and its interests and party y represents the proletariat and its interests. the very concept of the dual party state has only ever been a ruse to pacify the proletarian class and give them the impression that they have democratic power. in reality, the opposition party to the dominant conservative class can only ever operate within this farcical ‘framework’ created by the ruling class and its ideas. the ‘two sides of the same coin’ metaphor is appropriate here.

in china, this ruse isn’t necessary because the state represents the dictatorship of the proletariat (marxist-leninist), and there is no bourgeois class against which they must form a political faction/party to fight. by bourgeois i mean those who own some means of production independently of the state, or at least free of the state’s intervention. chinese state capitalism is more or less a form of corporatism, and as such holds the interests of the working class over the free production of capital for any individual.

but american leftism has never threatened the actual superstructure of its capitalism. instead of destroying the thing that has created the very problems the left exists to address, it further burdens the working classes to fund and finance the systems put into place to benefit them… while never touching the capitalists (not significantly, anyway). this is why the american dual party system is a joke. as long as capitalism/conservatism still dominates, any opposition generated from within those structural confines cannot be an effective opposition.

the secret to understanding how all this works is to see a ‘state’ for what it is, not for what it appears to be… not for what the west has been conditioned to believe it is. the very inception of the post-industrial state is to preserve and protect the property of the bourgeois class. but what it appears to be is a democratic institution put into place to benefit two conflicting classes at the same time (which happens through political dialogue)… which is, and has always been, logically impossible.


The constitution is a worthless piece of paper in the United States, it no longer has any real authority.

The only real authority in the United States is Joo-bux or money. :sunglasses:

It has always been an oligarchy much like most modern western nations today.

The money masters and lenders are the real government, everything else is merely muppet theater for the consumption of the largely dumb ignorant masses.

Government has been reduced to a series of corporations, stock brokers, and stockholders.

True…but this is also tue in nature.
All tribes, groups, prides, wolf packs are elitist and authoritarian…but they share genetics, so the good of the alpha is also the good of the omega. not so in today’s multicultural, multiracial world.

The only permitted nationalism and socialism is one - it is good and benevolent - all others are Nazis, fascists and ‘evil’.

That’s because foreign immigration is utilized as a weapon against the white working class chasing profits and accumulating capital. Profit is only loyal to profit, it is not loyal to race, religion, culture, tradition, or a nation state.

Today’s political establishment is loyal to greed only, greed for a few at the expense of the majority population.

European ethnicity is the biggest enemy.
All tribes must unite to bring it down, before it awakens.

The Tower of Babel must be rebuilt…a world of meaningless gibberish.

Their constant campaign of trying to destroy whiteness or white identity is going to backfire horribly. We’re already beginning to witness that now.

No, not whiteness….Europeans.
“White” is what you call someone of mixed ancestry, where Caucasian blood appears to dominate…as one does with Black: someone most probably from African heritage but of an uncertain mix and origin.

Marxism = Jewish dictatorship over the non-Jewish proletariat.
Now don’t get me wrong, some forms of socialism like national socialism and social democracy have their merits, but Marxist socialism was an absolute disaster for the proletariat, it’s proven itself to be a fraud time after time after time.
How anyone can still drink this Kool-Aid is beyond me.

Social democracy, where the people have some say in their government, is compatible with socialism, national socialism, where the dictatorship is ran by people from the same tribe as the proletariat, is compatible with socialism, but Marxism, where the dictatorship is ran by people from a different tribe than the proletariat, all or most of them Jews or financed by Jews, is incompatible with socialism.
Marxist socialism is a Jewish conspiracy for global enslavement.
Marxism, like Christianity and even Islam at its core = Judaism.
Most Jews are (cultural) Marxists (international socialists), if not objectivists (Ayn Rand, international capitalists) on the outside, and Judaists/Zionists (Jewish supremacists) on the inside, and Judaism/Zionism is an open conspiracy for global enslavement.

Prom didn’t get the memo.

In order for a “Socialism” to work, you have to actually be invested in Society. This, almost always, means Homogeneity. Example a German Nation for German people. A Chinese Nation for Chinese people. A Japanese Nation for Japanese people. It does not mean, tying your boat to ethnic and racial outsiders, who when times get tough, turn on each-other, and go seeking their own ethnic group during scarcity, emergency, famine, and austerity.

I can’t even imagine Prom living in a society where people like each-other even remotely. Good luck with that.

Yup, international socialism doesn’t work so well or not at all, the demographics are too busy fighting amongst themselves to get anything done, and if it’s an autocracy, the dictator is more likely to identify with himself, whoever’s financing him or his own people than he is with all people.

People are selfish and tribal.

We see this in North America, where it’s all about people of color this, and women that, and transgender this.