We Should Ban Suicide Machines, Give Away Murder Machines

Should Suicide or Murder Machines be banned while supporting the other?

  • We should support suicide machines, ban murder machines.
  • We should ban suicide machines, support murder machines.
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I think all Suicide Machines should be banned because they are not safe to operate.

I think we should give out Murder Machines freely to everyone, and make safety courses mandatory. Murder is a victim less crime, and is a constitutional right in some countries.

It is obvious God wants us to have Murder Machines but not Suicide Machines, because he hates it when unexpected guests drop in.

What about the option for neither…

The difference is narrowing between mass murder, using weapons of mass destruction and suicide, since the problem of one side using them is probably suicidal to the one who initiates its use.

No Magsj, must pick one. How the world works these days.

A pity that your decisions and choices mean nothing if you haven’t already started using those things. Nature has lready began its precision warfare and advantage goes to the thinfs currently and already in motion.

I use my suicide machine all the time, just question it’s effectiveness. Thinking about asking for a refund.

We need to encourage both suicide AND murder to the greatest extent possible. “Population control” shouldn’t be dirty words. If we took population control seriously, global warming wouldn’t be an issue. Ever seen the movie “The Purge”? We need a lot more of THAT.

No, but will if you link me to the trailer perhaps.

i was being mostly facetious, and it’s not a great movie, but the premise is pretty cool in a dark sort of way



Oh, it was Hillary’s Campaign Platform, everyone getting ramped up and excited over a completely fucking pointless war, and fucking over Americans harder than even Obama’s twisted ambitions could manage.

Too bad she lost, maybe the Progressives can make it happen in four years from now, start openly aborting people in the streets as they run screaming.

Sure the NRA would be only too glad to help.

Who’s world exactly?

Undoing the mess of others, and making decisions based upon that mess… I can see why the elites want to colonise Mars and call it home… this is not home.

Before you create an ideal world, don’t you think that they should ensure that society is capable of living in it? some are, most are not.

The one thing I abhor most of all is bad minds.

So umm…

That’s a vote for murder I’m supposing magsj.


Even God is guilty of murder, no matter how righteous that murder was. Murder being defined as using excessive force against those unable to defend themselves. Even in punishment, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were acts of murder. The flooding of the Earth in Noah’s time an act of attempted Genocide. I believe such acts to have been completely warranted, completely sane reactions of a fed-up entity. However, murder is murder. Tips of highly effective mercenaries points out the fact that there is no overkill, just lock and reload and I agree. Want to make your point to an enemy, there is no overkill, especially when that enemy is trying to kill you. No matter how much you overpower something, that something can still kill you. And, like in Ender’s Game, if any of you have seen that movie, Ender completely made his point in effectively whupping ass on another kid to ensure that his bullies would never fuck with him again. In God’s case, that didn’t work. After Sodom and Gomorrah came Jesus Christ, who they nailed to a cross, desecrated the name and teachings of, made a mockery of his and Gods work and 2000 years later, legion and satan have the upper hand again in complete mockery and disrespect of their hard work and their miracles.

If you look at the bible today, really look at it, you can see what Jesus Christ attempted, you can see Gods intended works as a benevolent entity, a benevolent superpower and you can then see further the work of the other creations, of other entities throughout time and space, throughout the decade, centuries, millenia since as they make a mockery of it. If you know reason at all, you can read the words jesus was claimed to have spoken, spot the holes and fallacies in his parables, where they start off in wisdom and end in fallaciousness. If you know anything at all, you can see the deception of it, see the politics at work in the church, a religion and church not even being wanted by Jesus or God, yet existing anyway, you can see the salesmen as preachers selling praise and worship to the people instead of rolling up their sleeves and doing honest hard work. You can look around you in the world and see it everywhere, not even in the churches. A nation founded in Gods name, a currency with In God We Trust on the back of, and hardly anyone actually doing anything that could help others concretely.

If you look at your own lives and the lives of others, you can even see where each and every one of you have tried, to some extent, to do the hard work, some more than others, and how easily many have been lead astray from those paths and when not easily lead astray, bullied, threatened, had their lives ruined for them such as Lot had his life plagued by the devil. And, some of you may have even read that story and ask how God could condone the devils abuse of such a solid follower, much the same as you all look around you at the world and ask, How can God allow this to go on? ‘Allow’, being the operative term. As if any of you would ever allow anything bad to happen to you or those you love if it could be avoided. As if you all hadn’t ran afoul of the reasoning that states, if I move to cut this off before it happens, then it does not happen and I look the fool for preventing something that can not be proven to have been in the making. I will have saved people who would not know the full of what they were being saved from and if I allow it to happen, then the tragedy happens and they can then hate me for knowing it to be in the making and having done nothing.

Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t with everyone going to Hell and so many people still wanting to cling to a faulty religions faulty viewing of a ‘perfect’ deity that somehow is just going to spirit them out and away from Hells reach when that deity has spent much of its existence already in a hell all of its own.

And you marvel at peoples willingness to condone murder. What is murder? Is Dr. Kevorkian evil for easing peoples pain and suffering and treating them with the medicine of death to be merciful both to them and the world around them? The outraged multitude that exemplifies misery loving company would be quick to say, yes, that motherfucker is evil. And yet, He did good with his mercy killings, Would his soul be slated for Heaven or for Hell at that point and would it matter at all if upon his death, neither of those realms could be reached and he was reincarnated elsewhere in some other reality as a blade of grass or a tree or a buffalo or a rock.

Let’s get silly for a moment on this and consider the implications of those that truly want to die; not just the ones who sit sit there whining, ‘I want to die, I want to die, cry, cry, cry,’ but those who sincerely want to die. We claim to be pro-life in America, the great nation of freedom, yet death is a part of life, as natural as birth and something that nobody has beat the curve of. Why do we treat it as the enemy? At what point are we making our own lives worse by not allowing those who want to die to die? And, if people can not tell the difference, why shouldn’t they be taught the difference? Pain is not the enemy. The hard and harsh lessons are not the enemies if we learn from them what we should have learned from the easy and nice lessons.

We already own murder machines. They’re called our bodies. Everyone is a walking weapon from the cradle to the grave. Some grossly misuse their weapons.

Was this thread even opened in seriousness or the whim of the moment, some frivolous whim given to some moronic specimen of the human species to put on display for pure entertainment purposes. Undoubtedly, they will resent me for this serious reply and delving into deep thought. Such past experiences of mine have shown that bit of psychology at the least to be true, that what the idiotic and moronic joke about in their ignorance, when answered seriously with actual meat in the response, they resent and come to hate and then try to destroy.

And those same bastards, cunts and cretins would be the first to call the cops, to call for protection after trying to destroy and kill me if I ever made a move to even physically damage them, let alone kill them or destroy them. The hypocrites. The self-same hypocrites that would call me a hypocrite after I have walked the distance trying to avoid responding in such ways of violence and murder and coming to the conclusion that violence and murder should still grace the same table, the same banquet of the peaceful, as reason and mercy. That brutality should grace the very same table as those alongside of grace and form.

Have you ever wondered just why we still exist if any one of us would destroy the world on a bad day if we were given nukes and yet there are those who have such powerful weapons, have undoubtedly had their bad days and still here we are.

I will be utterly honest when I say this: The only reason that stops my hands from committing murder on some days is the thought that if I started, I would be stopped before I killed all those who deserved to die and there is nothing more unsatisfying than starting something that you just would not be allowed to finish.

Chicago will be like the Purge, if we leave it as it is trending, which we should.