Weather Engineering

Lately, hurricane’s have been happening ping, ping, ping, one right after the other due to the lack of El Nino in the Pacific ocean. The unofficial scuttlebutt is that there are several islands off the west coast of Africa (Cape Verde Islands and some more northern islands) where HAARP/Darpa have set up their weather modification stations that shoot lasers into moist upper air in a way that releases ion seeds around which additional moisture attaches intensifying smaller weather patterns that were already forming as mere insignificant tropical storms, but woah, they are grown into enormous, CAT. 5 hurricanes.

Governmental weather modification programs may well have been going on since Vietnam when back-to-back monsoons were created in the 1970s to flush out the Vietcong. The vid. below discusses government documents that have been released to the public.

As far as predictions about tropical storms and hurricanes are concerned, I believe Katia or Lee should round out the 2017 season, but will that be the case?

What is the purpose of weather engineering programs? Some say it’s for wartime advantages, some for profiteering off of tragedies, some say its to protect people from ozone issues…I don’t know, but I no longer doubt that what I see occurring in the skies over where I live, the chemtrails, to be normal noxious gas residues of normal smoke escaping from jets. There is a difference between a 100 feet contrail of normal smoke from jet fuel that disperses and the abnormal criss-cross patterns of chemtrails that stretch for thousands of feet and hang in the air like a haze without dispersing.

When MDs and various research scientists worry about the health and safety of the general public, I listen to what they have to say. Aerosolized aluminum nano-sized particles sprayed in the chemtrails to engineer the weather for more rain, for cutting down on ozone exposure so the governments says using the aluminum particles that the government knows is hazardous to all life (human, animal, plant) in the USA. Criminal acts carried out unbenownst to the public at large.

An old ILP thread regarding hurricane Sandy and weather engineering was discussed.

Okay USA skeptics, what have you got?

I think the same naivety that makes one think that the government can decide the weather also enables them to think that the can decide who’s rich and who’s poor. People want to believe in something that’s all powerful when they feel they have no say in their own outcomes. Some people go to religion, some to the assumption that policy has a greater effect in the real world than it does.

So you don’t believe in the eugenics programs either, Mr? I don’t think that the government decides who’s rich and poor, but the corporations decide who the government is and everything that they do is played like a chess game.

Killing people to change the distribution of genetic traits isn’t comparable to creating hurricanes in my example. You’ve mistaken the categories here.

Have I when aluminum nano particles found in chemtrails are killing the population? Culling the weak, removing their genetics from the reproductive pool.

News flash. Everyone dies. No one is all powerful. You’d rather think an evil force is in control than to realize that no one is to the extent that you want to believe. This is an issue in your understanding of the world, not of the world itself.

Weather control using radar started back in the 1950’s. It became a large part of the space program incentive, later utilizing laser weaponry (“Star Wars” program of the 1980’s). Seeding clouds is much older. Anything that helps military might and absolute control is used in one form or another. Weather is a HUGE weapon in a military or economic battle (as per Iraq - “Dessert Storm”).

James you think irma was created and employed as a weapon by a group of people somewhere?

Irma didn’t have to be a weapon but rather a way to move productivity along and make some folks money too. JSS wrote economic use as well and economics can be used as an even greater weapon once its ramped up by storm after storm. Cha-ching.

Read this again and maybe edit for clarity.

What don’t you understand? [ :astonished: :evilfun: That’s a loaded question!]

This is more scientific in the know than I am, way more technical than I can keep up with.

Is there a paper trail back to the '50s?

Why aren’t more people worried about what we’re breathing in?

Chemically engineered water, chemically engineered food, why not chemically engineered air? I’m disappointed that this topic didn’t catch more traction.

Ah it’s just one more thing that people can’t do anything about and most prefer to just deny it so as to hide it … same ole story.