Welcome Dan~

It’s my pleasure and honor to present Dan~ as the new moderator of the Religion forum. After a thrilling vote, the noble people of ILP indicated their preference from a field of capable members. Thanks to everyone to voted, and to everyone who stepped up to be voted for. The world would go to shit without you.

As promised, and as is our custom: dancing bananas

:banana-dance: :banana-dance: :banana-dance: :banana-dance: :banana-dance:

Congratulations Dan! I hope you enjoy moderating as much as I did.

Congratulations! Here’s praying for you, for no reason than everyone needs prayers. Prayers are “good thoughts.”

Stay sane, and enjoy! :smiley:

Congrats Dan.

I don’t know about you but I think it’s time for the next step


Congratulations on your new post Dan~ and welcome to the green side :mrgreen:

Congratulations from me too.

with love,

Looking forward to a moderate religion section. Zap the bad guys Dan!

Thanks everyone.

Is it too late to change my vote?


You can always demand a recount. :sunglasses:

Congratulations, Dan. =D> =D>

Welcome aboard, Dan.