What a shame.

I want to say something about the minority of Canadian people with respect to the Attack on Iraq. It is time to speak up people. The Canadian Alliance and its opposition leaders speak for a lot of people when they say that we should be in Iraq fighting alongside our greatest allies. It is time for the GO BUSH GO rally in Canada. The reasonable silent should raise their voices and protest the protesters. More voices like Don Cherry and the premier of Alberta must speak up so that the American people and the American government know that not all of Canada’s government and people are against them in this one.

There are a large amount of Bush supporters north of the border. More than everyone thinks.

Urge to kill rising…

wtf are u talking about

See Slade’s post in the Rant house for an explanation of his comment.

Support from a Canadien? So there are sane people up north…

Come on guys, this isn’t political. Someone make a salient point or ask a question or I shall close the thread.


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Travis stated:

Well I disagree. People are speaking up, AGAINST the war. I’m actually very glad that for once Canada has decided something for itself instead of following the leader. Canada has finally shown that it isn’t under the thumb of America, it doesn’t do whatever America wants regardless of whether they actually wanna do it or not. Canada isn’t simply an extension of America, it is it’s own country which makes it’s own decisions.

Travis stated:

Why is it time for Go BUSH GO? Furthermore, I hope you are not trying to subtly hint that those for the war are the reasonable people. Give something of some value so those reasonable people who are silent can have reason and purpose to go out and voice their advocacy of the war - give us reasons, evidence, points, and most importantly…tell us why you will be the first one to go and risk your life for a cause which you yourself do not fully understand.

Travis stated:

What? So its like that eh, just like an American would say “Either your with us or against us” - when I get some time I’ll come join you in finishing your little sand castle in the neighbourhood park and we can continue to discuss childish and naive principles. Canada isn’t against the US, their choosing not to get involved in a situation the US is involved in.

Travis stated:

I’m sure there are, but the statistics coming in on the news casts and in the newspapers show the people opposed to the war having a clear majority.

What’s your take?

I think this raises the interesting political question of whether, or rather how far, governments should respond to public opinion (which can be fickle) i.e. accept the current views of the majority in society - like the Canadian government not going to war - or instead try to provide ‘leadership’ and change public opinion to suit their own views i.e. ignore majority public opinion - like the British government going to war.

Either way, it is important that people have a right to protest and demonstrate their politics, and last time I checked Canadians had such rights.
So are Bush supporters in Canada just lazy- or are there perhaps just fewer than ‘you’ might think?

That’s a very good question. I believe an elected official has the right to do what he believes is right, no matter what public opinion. However public opinion matters a lot. The public’s opinion is very anti-war in countries that support the U.S. like Australia, Britain, and Spain. If their leader feels the opposite of the public then he/she is taking a risk by going against their public. However if they believe their right and their choice happens to be right then public opinion will be supportive. So if the Iraq war goes well and we find chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction the public will sway in the direction of their leader. Agree?

Whats the value of Iraq’s oil?