What are my views? My views, if you can call them that.

At what point how many human organisms sitting and doing their behavoirs talking to you do you get sick and tired of it? They are all totally predictable little machines. At what depth do you go outside observe their behavoirs and say “This is interesting”. After you’ve seen a thousand of them, moderns, maybe more it is a bore. And they drag you by the hand and say “Let’s go to this and that” Why. I’d rather eat a sandwich.

I don’t know what gender is. I don’t know what a brain is. I just know I have been closer to the Truth than anyone has ever been. And I am the greatest philosopher who has so far ever lived.

So how many repetitive cycles are you bathed in chemicals saying life=good life=good like some Repetitive mantra, like lathering your balls because everyone else does. Stress hormone mostly.

The train comes, your legs spread open, and you are splattered, like a bug. It is a release.The soul wishes to devoured, smashed, confused, squished, that is it’s purpose. To be devoured by whatever dominant thing. The beauty of decapitating oneself, if done cleanly, is divine. Done by a shotgun, it fulfills the purpose of the body. Imagine the scene. The movement into the unknown, spiritual purity, and absolute surrender. A headless body, lying in the tub. Like a firework, the fact that it’s it is momentarily beautiful, then destroyed, is it’s beauty. The purpose of life is death. And it must be done cleanly, with only the right amount of pain, too much and it is no longer a wholesome or beautiful thing.

And at what point does food, become a matter of playing at the plastic cooking kitchen eating fake food like a child, watching the same memes on television. And what point do you realize that your personality, isn’t important because there are a million variations that have all been experienced, and will be experienced. And that natural selection, Ghengis Khan, is futile, in a population 7 billion, your genetic code has zero effect, you are contributing to the sea of like-minded human beings, the most effective way of which you can only alter primarily through memes.

It depends on an individual’s moral compass… what they will allow, and who they want to be.

Some battles are not worth fighting… especially when some don’t even know what they are fighting for, or are merely playing to the arena for a Cesar they cannot even see.

Dear Ultimate Philosophy 1001, you do have a lot of views.

So, if I may, suppose you think over them and choose one that you see to be most interesting to your readers here, and you and I can talk about it.

Let us we two work to concur on what is a view, with you, and which you want us to understand it as you do understand it.

At this point of the thread for myself, a view is something that you see all the time, and you like it or you don’t.

If you like it you take time and trouble to be into it, like for example in your place of work everyone is punctual, and you like it because you care for punctuality, and you care to keep the habit of punctuality observed by everyone in your work place.

If you don’t like punctuality but you need to keep your job, you just have to bear with it for the sake of having a job which is your source of livelihood.

Is that what you also understand with your thread here, for a view?

There shall come a point when the human race is no more and there will be no trace of us left either. In the grand scheme of things our collective existence
shall amount to virtually nothing. Just a drop in the cosmic ocean so to speak. And there is nothing one can do about this other than simply to accept it with
a degree of emotional neutrality. Anything else is entirely superfluous

Or, conversely, there shall not come that point, because finally the ultimate realization will consist in a fact that eternal recurrence is certain.

The similitude of possible worlds , admittedly not identical, but as the numbers go up, the differences become imperceptible, guaranteeing the almost certain probability of eternal human existence.

For me, such a realization comes as something very liberating. Most people struggle to enjoy life simply because they consider what they say, and do, much more important as it really is.

Eternal recurrence in which way? I think Twilight Zone/Kpax eternal recurrence is rather horrifying.

Trixiactic Transexual Lesbianism.

Eternal recurrence based on a re affirmation of the principles of indescernibility between the ideas behind the principles of identity and difference.

What I mean is, that we have gone midpoint with the skeptics vs the idealists on this issue until Nietzche, who merely used the principle as a prophylactic, based on a fairly certain hunch, that it would happen if, and only if, it can not be turned around.

His necessary knowledge, was abandoned, as an overwhelming possibility, but there remained probable cause, to leave a wedge, even however thin, to change the identifiable elements cohesive, among the thrown away ones, using backward differential logic, to sort them out from those disposed, or disposable.

Therefore, identifiable elements may overcome the skepticism of the old ages, and after all, isn’t skepticism a result of backward labeling of scientific hypothetical proof?

Recurrence will yet again gain stature, as a result.

God will only re create only if his work is worth while, and it is up to creation to prove him so. God is a working partner, and he is the ultimate sceptical.

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