what are the beliefs of a "red blooded American?"

there are those here like UR who hold that to be a “true” American,
one should hold certain beliefs… to be a “red blooded American”…

and yet, those who hold this, never actually lay out what those beliefs
are… and why those beliefs are the beliefs of a “red blooded American”

I suspect that that are two reasons why they won’t lay out what beliefs
are true “American” beliefs… one, is that they have no idea what
beliefs constitute “true” American beliefs… it is assumed but never
identified… or to put it another way, it is assumed that the beliefs
THEY hold are the “true” American beliefs… and only “red blooded American’s”
would hold their beliefs… and if you hold different beliefs, then you are not
an “red blooded American”…and yet, I was born and raised in America… and that makes
me American, plus I seem to have “RED BLOOD” and thus I fit into being an
American in another way…

but because I hold “different” beliefs, I am not, somehow, not an American…
and yet, I am… on my mothers side, we can trace our heritage back to
being in America since 1640’s… that sounds pretty American to me…
on my father’s side, since 1890’s or so… still over 100 years of being in America
for that side of the family…

but of real interest to me is the fact that the terms defining an American
are never really laid out… in other words, what values define an American?

and how are those values different then the British values or the French values
or the Russian values?

those who define Americans has holding certain values never actually show us
what those values are…what exactly is “family values?” What are the values
of a “red blooded American?”… to those who despise the left, what values
do you have that gives you the right to hate other Americans?

now we know, as he has admitted, UR is Russian and we know, Observe to
be from another country, most likely Australia… and how do they know
what values are American if they aren’t even living in this country?

in fact, I would be willing to bet those who most praise conservatives
around here don’t even live in America… those like Jacob who lives in Europe…
he loves IQ45, he though not one of IQ45 polices impacted Jacob…
Jacob loves to tell others what to think and yet, at no point does
he tells us WHY those values are the correct values…
it is easy to love IQ45 when not one of his polices impacted Jacob…

whereas living in California, IQ45 polices impacted me every day
which is why I hate him…Historians will point out in history books
written in 30 or 40 years, why IQ45 was the beginning of the end for
America…and why he was the single worst president in American history…
(although to be fair, everyone knows this already)

so, tell me, what are the beliefs of the “red blooded American?”

and how are they different from the beliefs I hold today?