What are the stages from death to life?

There comes a time when one is afraid, then comes to a time when he is more afraid. There comes a time when one suddenly becomes courages, and another time, he desires to learn all of a sudden, or regret for the purpose of admitting fault or expecting wonderful things or just come clean.

Another words in what way of thinking is the most superior?
I felt I came to three possbilites
the non-thinkers
the postive thinkers
and the humble thinkers, who constantly depraised themselves and humble themselves, saying they are dumb but really not, and prasing others for the purpose to make them feel good,

birth/conscious experiance/unconscious experiance/death

that said during the stage experiance(life) there are many different experiances to be had.

I don’t understand how is this the stages from death to life, it just seems to me you have just rewind time from death to life.

dan020350 wrote

Hi Dan,
Admittedly, I don’t have any idea what your contention is in this post. Nevertheless, please allow me to suggest that you toss “non-thinkers” off your list of contestants for the “most superior” thinker. My reason for saying so is that non-thinkers do not, by definition, qualify as thinkers; superior or otherwise.

Trevor W wrote

Hello Trevor,
Wouldn’t an “unconscious experience” represent a contradiction in terms?

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haven’t seen you around in filosophia forum, i guess you came back from vacation in the mundane babble. :confused:

non thinkers are like doers, they do think they just do it, while people who thinks much they don’t do much but just keep on going analyzing pros and cons, unless there was a deadline.

Have a balanced amount of each^

@ title

Elements to structure. >>

regarding unconscious experiance; when i sleep, would you say that i am conscious? i would certainly not.
but, even though i am asleep, i still “experiance” sleep and i still breath and sometimes dream and i still have the ability to hear/smell/feel/taste even though i may be less responsive to stimuli(like that feather and whip cream)

sleep is what i think of as unconscious experiance. of course we also have dreams , which one may be aware of while sleeping. dreams are different than regular conscious experiance because there are irreversible physical consequences that result from our conscious actions, not so when we sleep.

but dreamless sleep is what id call unconscious experiance.its at least as close to being totally unconscious as we can be before we die.

Hi Trevor,

The meaning of the word “unconscious” is fairly straightforward. It means not-conscious.

If you’re conscious of your dreams then, obviously, you’re not unconscious.

Does it seem reasonable to maintain that you could be conscious while unconscious?


dreamless sleep is less conscious than dreams because we have the awareness of the dream while dreaming;

If i said subconscious experiance would you still disagree?

life= conscious/subconscious/unconscious experiance

now, does the state of unconsciousness exist before death?

when i am awake(barring a real good stone) i am fully conscious.

when i am aslep i am partially conscious, my mind does still have control over some of my bodily functions while asleep, i still breath, my brain has a cycle of activity, i won’t piss or shit my pants.

does that minor ammount of control constitute consciousness? is this what we call the sub-conscious?

unconsciousness- lacking the capacity for sensory perception; not conscious.

if while i am asleep , a car crashes into a telephone pole outside my house, do i not have the capacity to hear it? if i am a heavy sleeper i may not wake up, but what if it startles me and i awake? does this mean some people are “more” conscious while sleeping?

now you clear things up. thank you trevor

so the stages of death to life, is unconsciousness to consiousness.

and the other provided, elements to structure.

basically it goes from not having functioning senses to having senses.
cannot one be not aware of things as being unconcious? or a sort of mediation where your goal is to be unconscious while consious.

firtsly, i think that i go from conception to birth. after birth, i go through an irreversable series/progression of experiances(some more more conscious than others) inevitably ending in death.

it is impossible to be unconscious while conscious. I would say that there are diffrent degrees of consciousness. while awake, i am fully conscious. while sleeping i am only partially conscious.

as for meditation, i don’t consider it to be striving for a unconscious consciousness(which seems absurd) but more like i consciousness lacking focus. or a consciousness which is focused on everything rather than a few specific things. whichever way you want to put it, meditation is different than watching a sunset, or listening to the rusteling of leaves in the trees. Its almost like an inward focus rather than an outward focus. That said, i don’t meditate so i may be way off base with my assumptions.

but what i realized is that you asked :what are the stages from death to life?" which is the opposite of what i tried to answer(which was life to death)

so to answer your question; there are no stages from death to life. when you die , your body(and your capacity for consciousness dies with it, unless there is an afterlife, which i can’t prove for anyone)

I thought you have understood my question/ topic as a pyschological way. But I guess you did not. For it is true there is no stages of death to life, accept ressurection. To explain it clearer what are the stages of death to life, is a sort of awareness. For say, if a man all of a sudden became so stressful he is like dumb and silent, and becomes ignorant to everyone, then all of a sudden he is awake , recovered and becomes nice again.

This is the stages what I perfer. sorrie but it was a good response.