what can we really see in the universe?

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in this letter of mine I would like to ask you - WHAT CAN WE REALLY SEE IN

Why? let’s say planet Earth goes 40 thousand kilometers /24 hours.
It makes 1666 km/1 hour.
Lets say F5 torndao goes with speed 500 km/hour. The results of this speed are known.

However imagine - we are inside tornado what is a quite peaceful place. Quite still.
We have a telescope or something to see - what can we see outside?
What can we see outside the planet Earth when it goes with speed 1666 km/hour.
I imagine we are in the centre of torndao 3 times as big as we can measure.
What can we see outside? The truth?



“The” omniverses only exists by the observation of Perspectives (us).
If it has not been ‘observed’, defined contextually, it does not exist.

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Very philosophical :slight_smile:

this is completely erroneous

if the Universe is based on observation of perspectives by us

then it follows that the existence of all things , including our existence is based on our observation

but before our existence , and therefore our perspective , are the constituents that make us , minerals , vitamins , proteins , etc

how does this happen , according to you ?

how does perspective come before the constituents which make perspective possible ?

If you have already decided that what i have offered is “completely erroneous”, as you so definitively state, why are you continuing to ask me any questions on the matter? Making a collection of the “completely erroneous”?
Now, if you said that you don’t understand what i might mean, and could I elucidate on this or that point, please, then the following questions would not appear incongruous with your initial comment/assertion. See what I mean?

We are Perspectives.

You got it so far…
The universe of which you are aware is the universe, at the moment of observation, that is non-different from you, the perceiving Perspective. All moments (universes) of all possible existence, ever, synchronously, arising and annihilating. Each moment (universe) a Complete whole, perfectly lacking nothing, no overabundances, balanced. An experience of this truth is what has been traditionally known as ‘enlightenment’.

Nope. No ‘before’. Each moment is a unique ‘snapshot’ universe consisting of the sum total of all Perspectives. All moments are synchronously arising. There you are perceiving the universe that you perceive in this moment, what little bit it might be, with all the little bits that you might perceive; vitamins and minerals with a light sugar coating… Another moment is a different universe, and in it you are in the process of being born, Now! and Now! are dying… all moments arising and annihilating synchronously, in one moment! The big bang and the great flush, all in the same moment…
No, there is no ‘before’ Conscious awareness/Perspective.
Existence IS Conscious awareness/Perspective.

You mean beyond what i have written above?

See? No ‘before’. The true nature of existence is not ‘linear’ (the Perspective which imagines ‘time’), but synchronous.

I think that I better answered your question;

…in the preceeding post. We, by the very nature/definition of Perspective, only see a tiniest bit of the ‘universe’ (the ‘Complete totality’), at any moment. Right Now! my universe is this little ‘cell’, the things on the walls, the computer, etc…
When we speak of “the universe”, it seems that people mean more than they, individually, perceive. We imagine ‘more’…
So, my definition of ‘the’ universe is that it;
“is the sum total of all Conscious Perspectives (us) at the moment of definition”.

so " namelesss "

go without water for a year or air

will you survive ?

Is this a trick question?
It’s a total non-sequitur to me, I don’t catch the relevence.
You tell me to go a year with no water or air (I presume).
If I follow your directions, it goes without saying, that I have survived. I must survive to fulfill your required task.
So, yes, I survive.
Even if I died, I might still survive in your memory of the event; as nutrient for life…
Perhaps you wish to rephrase your question?

We can see a beautiful swirl of blue and green.

Thank you, o viscous one, for the English lesson; for pointing out the one typo in the thousands of times that I have typed that word correctly. Perhaps I have spoiled you? You certainly have your glasses on! I hope that you are as focused on things that actually have meaning and relevence!
Thanx again…

what of before awareness of the Universe ? the without ( the act of looking UP into the sky above us )

is the consequence of before the awareness of the Universe , non-existence ?

if so why ?

There is no ‘before’.
Linearity is a Perspectival illusion, not the true nature of existence.
Awareness is manifestation (the perceived omniverse). Seeing it manifests it (and us) simultaneously.
We look at ‘potential’ (Mind) from/through our ‘cracked and dusty glasses’ (limitations of Perspective) and ‘see’ a ‘universe of things’. There is really not a ‘universe of things out there’, it is a construct in Mind as seen through the limitations of Perspective.
Nothing is ‘created’, nothing ‘moves’, nothing ‘changes’, nothing lasts more than a moment too small to ‘contain’ any temporal qualities. A simulteneity. A flash of Perspective is all. There never really is anything ‘Here’ (other than appearances). It ‘was’, ‘is’, always ‘will be’ (linearly speaking) “undifferentiated potential”, perfect symmetry, Mind.
Nothing ever changes. Nothing to change. There is nothing else but Mind/Consciousness, there cannot be.

Exactly! Observation = ‘manifestation’ (to us) = existence (for us)
There was no actual dark side of the moon until observed (made ‘existant’) in the 60s!

Okay people, who turned on the strobe light!! :astonished:

I was embarassed.
What remains speaks for itself.
Please, feel free to be the ‘english monitor’.
See ya…

hmm… so were does the mind reside to you ?

I’m sorry, but that is an invalid question. ‘Where’ is only ‘place’ within the existence perceived by Conscious Perspective. Consciousness/Mind has no ‘where’. All ‘wheres’, all existence, is perceived within/of Mind by Consciousness via us, Conscious Perspective.
There is no place where the perfect symmetry of Mind can reside; there are no borders, no features, no colors, no qualities, no time, no front, no back, no in no out… no features at all, complete chaos, undifferentiated potential. ‘Where’ and ‘why’ and ‘what’ are invalid questions. There is no description, no definition, no ‘existence’…
Reality/Truth have no context.

We see what our speed allows us to see. We, as all things physical, are in motion. The speed defines our surroundings. The non-spatial is ITSELF in motion. Our complexity comes electron/photon relationships that define our surroundings.

Humans are slow- Universe is big
Photon is fast- Universe is small