What did people in Socrates' time believe about death/soul?

I remember reading in Phaedo about Socrates’ claims about the soul living on after death which is quite a usual belief about the soul and its existence, but i remember reading about a part of it where Socrates says that many people of athens at the time believed that when the body died the soul dispersed and ceased to exist?

i don’t quite understand how this relates to Hades and Mount Olympus becuz i thought they had a belief about the soul going to Mount Olympus or the Underworld or being reincarnated in another creature (Pythagoran).

does anyone know which idea (dispersing, going somewhere, reincarnation) was the predominant one in athens at the time of Socrates and where i can find some proof of it? (websites, books etc)


socrates believed that “the soul is immortal and often born, having seen what is on earth and what is in the house of Hades, and everything., there is nothing it has not learnt” – Meno (81B-82D). this is the part where he drew squares to show that geometry and mathematical concepts are innate within us, thsu learning is a recalling of facts.

that is all i can offer you, nothing that answers your question though… but still, its some insight. oh! the divine boredom that arises when reading plato…