What did Tesla masturbate to?

“An honest man has nothing to hide.” - Alan Watts, probably. “The key to a man’s sexuality is hidden in his psyche” - Sigmund Freud, probably.

“Truth, at any price.” - Jed McKenna.

We live in a world where history books censor everything that is not vanilla. This is feminine, and “women are full of lies” - Otto Weininger, probably.

Otto Weinger was a genius who wrote a book called Of Sex and Character.

Tesla was an important man of history, so I find it important to study his character, not by his sexual deeds, but by his inner most Sex fantasies. Why is Google hiding this important Truth from me?

I think he perhaps played jack and the beanstalk to the tune of panda bears and rainbow butterfly unicorns.

How do you know this though. Is it on record?

No, but I did find this when I actually ran a google search.

mentalfloss.com/article/32042/co … on-crusade

someone commented on this article and mentioned Tesla.

Jason Dale Daniel • a year ago
Nikola Tesla invented many of the technologies that made the modern information age possible, and he found out very differently. He was heterosexual by birth and A-sexual by choice.

Go onto YouTube and search for “A god among MGTOW - Nikola Tesla”. It’s a short video - about 11 or so minutes long, but it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

The time may come very soon, Daniel; when us men won’t have a choice.

it has nothing to do with masturbation, but it does state that Tesla was Asexual. Apparently the video is mind-blowing.

Interesting video although the narrator sounds like a faggot. It didnt tell me what he masterbated to though, also he was crazy for thinking he was unworthy of women…if he isnt worthy then who the hell is, apparently only jesus h. christ himself is worthy of woman.