What do you thihnk about love?

I am writing an oratory about love. My topic is going to be something along the lines of “Love has become a taboo subject in our society.” I would like to know of and important philosophers/philosophies that support/reject that idea. Anything will help. I have been searcing endlessley for several days,a nd have come up with dead end links and non-reliable sources. I have a few sub-points to review, any help on these would be greatly apprieciated also.

  1. People do not believe in love.
  2. People are afraid of love.
  3. People are afraid they will not be loved in return.
  4. People simply do not want love.
  5. People do not love themselves.

Like I said, I am also asking for conflicting philosophy. I need to know what people think about this topic so I can include evidence to waive or at least sidetrack beliefs that go against this topic. Thank you kindly.


Love came ‘n went and took my hope,
Leaving me pitiful empty and broke.

Morbid thoughts now fill the light,
Where love once burned so strong, so bright.

The soul washed clean by its truth,
When love once fooled me in my youth.

This was when I thought love was pure,
But I know now it’s a cunning lure.

It gives you hope and you shout for joy,
When it’s playing with you like a toy.

Loves no better then Christmas rapping,
Hiding the emptiness within its packaging.

When finally love and hope subside,
All that are left are my empty poems-
That lied.

Hi Sycomonkey911,

Robert C. Solomon, a professor of philosophy at the Universtiy of Texas, has written a number of interesting books on the subject of love.

Love: Emotion, Myth, and Metaphor, 1990

About Love: Reinventing Romance for Our Times, 2001

The Philosophy of (Erotic) Love, 1991, edited by Solomon, et. al.

You might check for them at your library.

After our Thanksgiving dinner this year the group at my table began discussing love. I mentioned that the ancient Greeks had at least three different names for love (Eros, Philia, and Agape), whereas we have only one word in English. My brother’s French-Canadian girlfriend then complained that in French they have only one word that must stand for both of our English words “like” and “love.” That must be confusing at times.

I’m wishing we had as many words for “love” as the Innuits supposedly have for “snow,” for there are at least as many kinds of love as there are kinds of snow.

Good luck with your paper,