What does earn, responsibility, and rights mean?

What does earn, responsibility, and rights mean in economical thinking?

How are they formulated and created?

What is the standard of measurement?

How is it applicable?

You tell us and we’ll judge your assessment.

I think it means somebody wants something… :laughing:

Without motive, which is direct force, energy, then there is no kinentic, visible, “reality” altering “thing”.

Human justice, aswel as human society, as enslaved and exploited many animals, enslaved itself also, castrated and circumcised its own weaker individuals both mentally and physically, as it demands that the world be like itself, instead of itself being more like the infinity of the universe.

This civilized shit is essentially a parasite, and it cannot exist if it does not first absorb energy out of your head…

The Socratic method of replying to a question with another question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on guy surely you have an opinion on this matter.

I’ll promise that my definate views on the subject will be explained further down the line of this thread but I think it is more fun and interesting to hear others first. ( Joker likes listening to others first as it makes things more constructive.)

I like your answer and it is certainly one I can agree with. :slight_smile:

(I will try to give a more detailed view of my beliefs tomorrow concerning this subject.)

For now Dan I think you and I will agree together deeply that any economy demands the submission or enslavement of others in order to motivate itself into any form of action through labyrinths of dependencies.

I would also say that all economies require a great amount of passiveness in pacifying the populance into this submission.

( You might be familiar with my outlook if you have read alot of Proudhon’s works.)