What films are you watching right now?

Orson Wells , ‘The Stranger’

Mostly Ariana Grande videos.

:laughing: I wonder why… :wink:

BTS says ‘it’s ok’…

The Drop:

(2014) Violent thriller starring Tom Hardy, James Gandoffini, and Naomi Rapace. Two cousins clash with the mobsters who launder money in their bar. Strong language.

I, Frankenstein:

(2014) Action fantasy with Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy and Miranda Otto. Dr Frankenstein’s creation is caught between the demons and the gargoyles in a battle for mankind’s future. Violence.

Watched it on the plane. Really nice twist, found Hardy very good.

Nicholas Nickleby (the 2002 adaptation):

British-American drama film written and directed by Douglas McGrath. The screenplay is based on The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens, which originally was published in serial form between March 1838 and September 1839. Charlie Hunnam stars in the titular role alongside Nathan Lane, Jim Broadbent, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Bell, Anne Hathaway, Alan Cumming, and Timothy Spall.

…riveting viewing to the end, to the plot twist.

The original Willy Wonker movie , with Gene Wilder. Found this one more revolting, yet refreshing.

Hitler finds out trumpf has won the election.


(These ‘Hitler rants’ videos are hilarious… there’s like a hundred of em)

just watched this, and it was incredible beyond words. the kind of thing that nothing can be said about, or everything must be said about, so you don’t say anything and just watch, dumbfounded and awestruck. the difficulty is that this is something so alien to the rest of us that we can’t begin to make sense of it. you want to say this was unbelievably stupid, but you know you can’t say that. you want to say it was unbelievably brave, but you might not technically be able to say that, either. at one point in the documentary he was given a brain scan, and the results showed that he had abnormally low activity in the amygdala (the region responsible for processing fear). so if alex doesn’t feel afraid, can we really say he was brave? ah. see that?

i also saw that he was noticeably unemotional in his interactions with the various people throughout the documentary. he was able to laugh and joke and show some personality, but it always seemed as if he were having to make an effort to do so. you almost got the feeling that he had a very minor case of autism or something. there was an awkward scene at a small family gathering… he seemed totally out of place… like he was just playing the role because he had to be there.

it’s obvious that this guy is wired differently. it’s subtle, but it’s there if you watch closely. his climbing was an obsession to the point of him having a one-track mind, driven only for that purpose. the trailer:


Yep, he’s a freak for sure. I haven’t seen the movie (the bit about the brain scan is interesting) but I have seen him interviewed and two things stuck out like sore thumbs… his thumbs (oh man, I make myself larf sometime. Too funny, Chakra) or more accurately three things: his monkey hands, his facial features and his social interactions.

I don’t think it’s autism; I think there’s something stranger happening with his chromosomes. When he holds his hands in certain positions they can take on an apish look and it’s more than just big, muscley fingers.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the recessive ape genes are coming through with this chap/chimp. :-" His facial features, his hands, his obsession with climbing, his abnormal lack of fear, his social interactions and the fact that he prefers living outdoors (in his car) all point to one thing – he’s an ape-man.


Lawless (2012): Set in Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia, a trio of bootlegging brothers are threatened by a new special deputy and other authorities angling for a cut of their profits.

imdb.com/title/tt1212450/vi … f_=vp_pl_1

Director: John Hillcoat
Writers: Nick Cave (screenplay), Matt Bondurant (novel)
Stars: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce | See full cast & crew »

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification
Shia LaBeouf … Jack Bondurant
Tom Hardy … Forrest Bondurant
Jason Clarke … Howard Bondurant
Guy Pearce … Charlie Rakes
Jessica Chastain … Maggie Beaufort
Mia Wasikowska … Bertha Minnix
Dane DeHaan … Cricket Pate

Hands of Stone


The Puero Rican trainer is Venezuelan rapper El Budú from Vagos y Maleantes.

The director is also Venezuelan, Jonathan Jakubowicz, and had previously directed one of my favourite movies ever.

Secuestro Express


It may seem like cartoonish bad guys and scared white people, but try to imagine that being your normal. The fear, the excitement, the salsa. The portrayal is actually very accurate, which is what made the movie so fun.

Secuestro expresses were very common back then. My girlfriend at the time had had it done, it basically was they kidnapped you for a couple hours, drove around with you in your car while emptying your credit cards and bank accounts, saught some low volume ransom, and dropped you off the same day.

Granted, my girlfriend’s ordeal was much less chaotic than in the movie, but neither her nor I nor anyone we knew made much of it. A 20 second story followed by where should we go for dinner?

One wouldn’t say secuestros express are common anymore simply because crime has become so much more normal and chaotic, we don’t have names for the things anymore.

Oh yeah, secuestro express wasn’t just some corny name they came up with for the movie. It was what the practice was actually called.

The fat dude is Budu (of course), the classy guy is DJ Trece and the fucking psycho is el Nigga. I forgot to mention. Vagos y Maleantes portrayed the kidnappers.

Lol, actually, now that I remember, the dude that kidnapped her (she was waiting in the SUV for her family to come back with some mcdonalds) at some point asked her age and when she said 15, he actually went like “Oh, sorry about that” and dropped her off somewhere and just took the car.

Hahahahahaha. Class acts, Venezuelans.

As an aside, my mother tells me Caracas did not use to be even close to that crime-ridden. She lived a time when secretaries and other lower middle class to upper lower class workers famously went on vacation to Miami.

There was one president, Carlos Andres Perez, who realized the debauchery was coming to an end, the crazy leftist policies combined with the growing population that outpaced the oil industry were not gonna be sustainable much longer, and he put together all the nerdiest economy nerds to put together what we today know as austerity measures. They called it “El Paquetazo,” The Package, um, -azo, because they called it an economic package. One of the first things to address, of course, was the essencially free gas. When he raised the price SLIGHTLY and the bus fares went up SLIGHTLY, then we had in 1989 what is now known as El Caracazo, where people started revolting en masse, or rioting rather, and the government’s genious response was to call a curfew and send in the military to shoot rioters. Nobody knows how many died, but Chavez and his ragged band of rebel colonels stormed the presidential palace 2 years later with a tank. They were quickly outmaneuvered and caught and I don’t think anybody died, and Chavez went to jail and became a legend.


They found some bullshit reason to impeach Carlos Andres Perez and the austerity was rolled back.

Revolver (2005)
The Ultimate Con? Hmmm…
cinema.com/articles/3624/revolve … e-q-.phtml


Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

Release date: 11 April 2019 (United Kingdom)

Director: Neil Marshall

Budget: 50 million USD

Production companies: Lionsgate, Dark Horse Entertainment, Summit Entertainment

Producers: Lloyd Levin, Lawrence Gordon, Mike Richardson

Official trailer on IMDB - more Hansel and Gretel fairy-tale gore, rather than I and II’s gritty comic-book style, but worth the theatre ticket price…