What God is and isn't

God is not what we think.
The preoccupation with ‘Him’ has concerned poets, philosophers, Deere, psychics and mystics all through the world, all through the ages.

We are coming to a crisis in faith, that much we can agree with. The crisis is overwhelming, much , much greater then during the worst plague in history, ; the ‘Black Death’.

Much worse. This occasioned a comment on the god of man, and how that would factor into an evolving view of man.

A naturalistic, solipsistic and anthropomorphic god, is still something, as admittedly, the thoughts and feelings of man is some
‘thing’, some measure of some idea, some distillation of the worth of human evolution.

Purely objectively, if, the measure of that could be weighed into the idea of the worth of the principle of evolution, could raise the possibility that such evolution is good, or, for the good, in alignment with the scriptural idea of the goodness of the ‘word’.

'in the beginning was the word, and the word was good, ’

Inference? - that the traverse from conscious to self conscious states was worth something, something that is still splashed as ocean waves do, against the shore line rocks of scepticism. Is god worth, ultimately into the thousands of years of pre-supposition that went into it?

Is it? Is our earnest hope to make our children and their children’s life to be more meaningful than an animal’s worth a try?

This is not a question to be tricked with, and the question is becoming more and more tedious, as the level of our faith seems to flatten out, corresponding to the inordinate and hypocritically early attempt to assess the vurus’s effects to do the same: to flatten out the number of corresponding victims.

The virus is smart, and it is degeneritativelt intelligent, but it has little correspondence with what ‘god’ qualifies as the true test of intelligence.