What if Adam never ate the apple?

This is supposed to be just for fun but we’ll see how long that lasts.

My wife and I were talking about catholics for whatever reason and we got onto the subject of Adam and Eve and all that and the question just kinda popped out - What if Adam never ate the apple? Would god just have only exiled Eve? Would god had made a new Eve for Adam to have as a companion? Would a world population have even started? I’m no expert on the garden of eden but weren’t they immortal prior to leaving? I have no idea if that is true or not.

Anyway, post your thoughts, it’ll be interesting to see what different outcomes people come up with.

In Milton’s version of the myth, Adam eats the apple out of love for Eve, so that she will not be alone.

The fruit wasn’t an apple. It was the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and that does not feature in any botanical or horticultural reference book. There is no literal causation involved here. The stories in early Genesis are not in any sense historical or literal. They are descriptions of what happens to each person (other than the Christ). The Hebrew word ‘adam’ means ‘a man’ as well as ‘mankind’. So the story of Eden is your story and mine, and our children’s story, too. We each know innocence, we each do what we know to be wrong for the first time, and feel the guilt of that action, even if we do not remember the occasion. That feeling is what the Bible says is fatal to the human spirit, and it can be removed by accepting the Christ. Those early chapters of Gen 1-11 were probably written soon after Israel had occupied Canaan, long after the moral defects of humanity had become obvious, no doubt well back into pre-history, perhaps a million years ago.

What would you say “accepting the Christ” means, in a non-historic, non-literal sense?

God exiled them so that they could not eat from the tree of life and become immortal gods.
Genesis 3:22-24

While in Eden, they were immortal but ignorant.

What that means is that a compromised conscience ultimately gives rise to a corrupted eternal soul, unless that conscience can be salved. It can be salved if its owner accepts the perfect conscience of the Christ, but this means that the will is surrendered to Christ- out of gratitude, not by compulsion. Many prefer to keep a compromised conscience in order to preserve their own will and life options.

I appreciate the responses but I’d really like to stay with the initial question of - What if Adam never ate the apple?

Actually, nevermind. I’m just gonna have stumps delete the thread since I can already see where this is going. It also seems pretty inappropriate to post this question in this forum since it doesn’t really discuss anything about religion, given the entire topic is supposed to be hypothetical.

No-body, before TS deletes this post, I would like to say that removing Eve from the equation does hollow out the story about Adam and Eve. The discussion in and of itself doesn’t negate a debate about how God would have handle the situation.

That being said, anything I could contribute wouldn’t have much weight due to the deviation from scripture. My thoughts couldn’t find direction to give a decent discussion to add.