What if god never existed?

Well there would be no hope for someone to not receive. There would be more focus on other matters ( meaning any other matter). People wouldn’t be so concerned with an all powerful being to warship instead of being concerned with their own way of living. if we never found out about God, ever, life as we know it would be more beneficial than we’d like to admit. There wouldn’t be false belief to count on or any faith to try and fall back on. We’d still probably be copping out but that’s an other entire story itself.

It’s definitely an interesting thought experiment to think of a never existing god.

The only problem is that humans are hardwired for religion and have to worship something with that energy.

As Voltaire said, “If God didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”

We don’t need to be hardwired to be reliant upon god. We have a choice but some people choose to believe in god and have faith intervene on a regular than kudos for them. There’s a fine line between being dependent and capable of being busy by oneself and capable of not wanting or needing an all powerful being other than oneself. It’s sort of easy to say that humans aren’t going to do so any time soon but it would be much appreciated and helpful for everyone else.
People are smart enough in some places to realize they don’t need a god. God doesn’t have to be strong with the help of us and so we don’t need to be strong with the help of god. :imp:

The idea is that everyone has a “god” in some form or fashion; it just depends on what they direct their religious energy towards.

The “Divine Comedy”

Actually no God (by the common definition) == no universe at all.

And if we never realized any God, the population problem would be fixed. I imagine the world’s population of homosapians would be closer to perhaps a few million or so. There would be no Science for sure. And possibly the entire species would have been annihilated via some disease outbreak (still might).




So are you establishing that a god does actually exist? :confused:

Would it really matter if a god never existed or does exist? People generally make up their own minds and choose to believe what is comfortable for them. And for many, not all, belief or disbelief does absolutely nothing to influence their actions which may be based on simple want and desire, not on love, reason and compassion.

What do you mean by this? You say ‘no hope’…‘to not receive’. Are you saying that the world would really be any different now, that everyone would experience love, no one would want for anything, we would be living in a perfect utopian world? I daresay that it is not a god who would be responsible for the state of the world - but humanity itself - in other words - US - as we have personally/spiritually/biologically/physiologically, evolved and are continuing to evolve. It is all up to us and not to some god.

And how could we ever possibly know this? i don’t think the problem lies with the notion of a god but with the way in which we manipulate and project our own thoughts/feelings/beliefs onto this so-called god making this god into our own image and likeness.

Are you saying here that it is a god that is responsible for ALL false beliefs and for faith and not our own projections, our social conditioning, adopting the beliefs of our parents, and our refusal to think things out?

It’s not so much people, having desire, and trying to take do what they want with the desire they have for god but the tendency they lack when it comes to controlling faith. People can stay religious all their life and it would have no means when living out life daily and productively. It’s when attachment is involved and they seem to fall back on relying more then taking any action toward anything pretty much. It’s not a bad notion to have when dealing with problems we face all our own in this day and age. Surly we can’t go on believing and not thinking about what we should do for them to be done and never do anything to solve problems and ponder them. Action first than go later, maybe. I’d wish we did never invent god to make matters worse fight over which land belongs to who in regards to religious wars. On the subject we still think god matters and continue to give credit to god instead of us on certain matters.

Not quite. Regarding the second question. We see that god “plays” a role. As a matter of fact religious fanatics say “Well if it weren’t for god I wouldn’t be here today”. That’s not true, if their were no god or gods in particular, where in gods name would they be??? It’s a matter of knowledge and common sense on their part, or those who tend to make god out to be this ultimate reconciled manifestation when regarding any situation. Can we really pin-point all progress at one person we know not to even exist or exist in our own understandings? It could be helpful to disregard a god when dealing with matters we face daily. Those of people besides god that really should receive commendatory, give those people credit they deserve.

You say it yourself, it’s not god but humanity responsible for the worlds state. This is true because god’s in the lives of those who make this world more and more disliked. I dislike that people still turn to god when we can say god did put here everything you see. Even though, he’ll exist in the minds of those that can never truly give up believing in faith. It’s time we put aside a god, dammit, and start thinking anew for each day people leave not seeing any god. It’s more death than god in our view as god being the creator and we seem to be the taker. It’s not fair to those who believe and believe in third world countries and never see a strand of god’s locks. It’s up to us not god to decide how we take effect and fix problems in our day. Would it be more pleasant? No, nature as we know can only hold on to those who sit back and pray or wish things to get better with time.

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Unequivocal agreement.

The belief in God or religion was (still is) always about controlling the minds of the population placating on people’s hopes and fears through psychological manipulation. The very first governments in the world historically were always theocracies which is quite telling discerning the origins of all religion.


This disproves the god-is-pure-evil type argument that some atheists think that they have.