What is an essence?

Is it something physical or material?

Is it something that we can’t know?

Is it something that’s just like lots of other things, not unique at all, but may be impossible to identify with it’s counterparts?

Is it nothing, as in, there are no real essences? Are they just made up by us as a way of distinguishing things?

emeril will sell you essence…



But is what he sells me going to be something which can’t be duplicated? Will it be truly unique? Will I be able to find other so-called essences which I can rightfully refer to as identical to it?

his is the only essence on the market for food

the uniqueness of his essence is found in its individuality as an item… the formula may be repeated but the formula is the difference… and the babies prefer the real thing…


Well what does his essence consist of?

Is it necessarily indivisible?

Could it be a bundle of spices?

it could be a bundle of spices but bundles are bulky


I have a problem with the bundle of spices theory. It seems like if we take away all the spices in the bundle that there’s nothing left to call the essence.

Could it be that the essence I’m talking about isn’t actually the spices, or the bundle per se, but the relations of the spices in this particular bundle?

no, if you take away the spice, the navigators will not be able to see…

the spice must flow…



dune dude, dune


I’m so lost right now.



What does that have to do with essences?

the spice man, it is the spice…

the essence of the worms is the spice…


What is it about the worms that constitutes thier essence?

you need the visions man… drink the water of life and you can see the worm is the spice…

vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea … =559442595

no, not that worm


Oh my.