What is love?

ive been asking myself this question, does this mean im a philosopher now?

up until now ive had a pretty standard definition of love, in the order of the most important thing in life, something which will bring us toghether and last forever. well, granted thats all true
love is also the feeling that twists our perception the most, occupies our minds completly and makes everything else seem like mere nothingness.
but lately i discovered something about love i hadnt recognized before

its total replaceability

think about it, no matter how much you love a person its just as easy falling in love with the next person, and once you do, then that new love turns into everything the old love was. and yet the feeling that it will last forever is there. every time…

TRUE love… is it replaceable? #-o

Baby don’t hurt me…

I Love Alchemy!!!

define true love and ill answer

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t thinking that too!

Still, now I have that song caught in my head again.

Still, I must refer you to a minstrel of an older age, the great Buddy Holly:

“Love that’s real don’t fade away!”

Falling in Love is not the same a Staying in Love. If the Love is worth it, you’ll stick with it, but believe me it takes work.

That feeling of permanence is a thing of youth. Experience will tell you that anything that you expect to last requires an effort on your part.

The flush of new love is evanescent, more of the imagination and of expectation than of permanence. I do not wish to put you down, but to my experienced eye it looks like you have yet to have a mature Love.

I hope you find it, for it is the best thing in the world. And it is irreplaceable.


“Love” = Natural instinct’s definition of what is best for us. (Fallable, but works most of the time).

If our species didn’t have to reproduce we wouldn’t “fall in love” with the opposite sex, for example.

And that’s that. It’s survival instinct.

Love is pain and joy
ups and downs
Its putting up with someone’s bullshit
and them putting up with you

anyone can find love
but true love is hard work

Love is not one emotion, nor is it directed at just what you wish. Love is an emotional blanket or tie to someone or in some cases something. Love makes you want to keep that object close to you. Love is an adiction of the soul. can we live without love? No. Can we survive without love? yes.
Love is an enhancement, a bonus to our existance. It also is self preservation. Love helps us to achieve things, it helps us to learn and grow. If you love someone you tend to be patient and sensitive towards them. Love is a bursting frothy painful mish mash of star struck emotions. Thank goodness we have it.
The awesome thing about love is it generates good and evil.

          Where love should be unconditional most humans attach conditions to it. Is that love or just a strong lust? Lust is often confused with love. Perhaps that is one of the reasons lust is considered a deadly sin. Lust=control/ Love=noncontrol. Both emotions can feel the same, that is the lesson we must learn; to tell the difference.

There you go… it’s much better than I could have explained!

Love is a burden,and a blurry vision.

Let me tell you what Ukrainian people think about love;)
I thought about it a lot. And I figured out, that there is no much difference between love and friendship. It’s, basically, the same. But, what we call love, has sex in it. Friendship doesn’t have sex in it. But, you may say, a mother loves her child. Allright, let’s put sex down for now. But, I’m sure, there is always certain sexual attraction between friends of any kind (any sex), between mother and her child…
So, accordind to me, love would be a condition between two minds, whisch is based on ACCEPTANCE and excitement. Acceptance is the key word.[/code]


and here is my take;

love is unconditional and is, your best friend , honourable, honest, true, kind,supportive, listens, trustworthy etc. and tells you that they love you, not because they feel they have too, but because they truely feel that way.

terrific way to live with her/him

true love relaxes the heart and soul. true love is solid.

end result, happyness. life is good.

This reminds me of a quotation by Polemarchus, “love devoutes us to morality yet frees us from it”.

I agree with the latter half of the scentence.

To quote Augustus, “wholly unopposed”.


Love is just an aspect of nature which keeps the human race alive. If parents did not love their children, they would not care or protect them, thus in most cases the children would die out. Two people love eachother because they must mate to have children. love is nothing but nature, and really has no special meaning. However i am not saying love isn’t wonderful, and althought it is not really “true”, one should embrace it at any time possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

what is love ? a strong desire
what is hate ?a strong desire
the root is in our belief of good and bad, pleasure and pain.
what is the cause of our desire for any particular change in environment? either internal(mind) or external(environmental) stimuli…internal stimuli is the thought processes of the human conciousness which from prior experience deduce conclusions about its current environment. the sense organs are the physical organs through which the mind experiences the body and its environment. the scope of the environment the mind can percieve is limited by the sense organs and body. what make me desire a different environment is my beliefs about my current one paired with my conception of
another, upon comparison if i think i’d rather be “experiencing” my conception than my actual present environment i may be apt to try to change
my current environment(presupposing of course that my senses have only a limited sensing range and that there is a vast world outside my current environment)

still no one has defined true love, could it be something that does not fade away no matter what? stalking? unhealthy obcession?

when love isnt answered, what should you do? keep on loving?

and are we given one shot at love a life? and when that true love is lost its all over? surely you cannot be this depressive…

is true love different than any other love? if you love something you experience"true love", wether that loves lasting depends on you. no one can make you love something, its a choice

You can have multiple true loves. Each person is different, the way you love one mate does not mean that you can never share love again with another mate or even another. True love is giving and sharing, but you must be comfortable with the other person also. So what if you are opposites does that mean you can’t ruly love each other? No. Love has no guidelines , no outline it just is. Alot of times lust is thought of as love there lies the problem for most marriages. One person may love, the other person lusts. If love is true, there will never be a possesive feeling or a need to control the other person, nor jealousy.

A stalker, or an obssesive person is not experiencing love, they are experiencing lust. Much like the way a person is a fan of someone famous. If you find that you are not being loved as a mate should be loved, then walk away. The feelings you have for that person will guide you to a better relationship with someone else. Love does not fade away but, it can change.

Look at the marriage vows, think hard about them let the vows guide you.
Love, honor,respect, cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer ,for poorer, til death do us part.

I will not put obey in vows because obedience is so very misused. I do believe that there are times that one person must be able to lead and the other must follow in order to get through a situation. This is because you each bring different knowledge to the marriage. You may know more then your spouse does about something and that person should be able to follow your knowledge. That is where honor and respect come in more then obedience.

Apply the vows to your potential mate and see how you feel about them. All couples when they decide to try engagement or maybe even going steady, really should have in depth discussions about how they perceive marriage vows ought to be.
the death part is crucial here

I believe that if you love someone and they do not return it the way you wish for them to, you should kiss them, wish them well and move on. You may still be friends, for if you truly love someone you want them to be happy even if it is not with you. And you never know they may turn around one day and love may fall into place because their feelings have been sorted out or due to a lesson learned they may have changed and seen what is there and realize that they love you too. Nothing is for certain when emotions are involved, It is always a carnival ride. So hang on and enjoy, don’t hate, don’t bring negativity in ,and you may have a great time, many times.