what is the fate of man?

We are in the midst of danger. We are constantly being threatened by menaces like global warming, terrorism and war, overpopulation, depleting resources, and so on. What is the fate of the human race, and how soon will that fate come? Do we have the power to overcome these challenges, or will they inevitably overtake us? Do we even have the will to try?

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound so gloomy. Here’s my question: what is the fate for mankind? Assuming all these dangers do eventually crash in on us, are we doomed to perish completely, without a single soul left to pass on its genes… or will our species merely suffer certain losses, like a great number of people but with enough left over to start over from a previous stage in our development? Will we have to endure another dark age characterized by ignorance and archaic religion or can we continue on at the same level of scientific knowledge, technological prowess, and political freedom, only with fewer of us to carry this enterprise forward?.. or do you think I’m completely wrong - that we will overcome without significant losses?

Confusion. It’s already happened.

I mean if you are talking about ultimate fate, well if we don’t fuck over the world first I mean the sun WILL eventually burn out making life on earth impossible so it doesn’t look too good but I guess every individual can question what his existence means in the entirety of things. Human life can be absurd or it can mean something, I guess it’s the decision of the individual.

the fate of everything is to rot… frankly i don’t know if some great powerful guy exists or if we have souls… so i cannot guarentee anything beyond “you will rot”

Isn’t this obvious?

All will be dust in the wind…

Why do you people care about a planet that doesn’t care about you?

Because planets can’t care, humans can.

I’m torn between thinking we’ll destroy ourselves and thinking that we will, somehow, have enough self-interest to stay alive as a race. I think it probably depends upon global political situations, having 1 global superpower is probably a good thing, anyone dangerous is too scared to do anything really drastic.

Ironically, nukes seem to be preventing us from killing ourselves through a massive World War III scenario… but you never know about that…

I have confidence that ultimately the fate of humankind will survive, since I can speak personally about my own fate. I plan on surviving as long as I see fit–or dying for the reason that I choose or do not choose. As such, if the rest of the human race has the same willpower that I do, then it will survive as a whole. I am confident in myself…

…so why should the rest of humankind lack the kind of confidence that I have for myself?

Because part of mankind thinks things like ‘the national interest’ are important.

I don’t think we have much going for us. It seems that in my fellow human I have nothing when I should have a cibling, a brother/sister in life. We care nothing for our fellow human, except when it is your child, a relative or friend. Even then we care not about their prosperity but only their well being. It’s ok if they are stuck in a middle class low-paying job for the rest of their lives, as long as they are not sick. We take to much for granted and but have little ambition. Where do we go from here. I think massive loss of life is insignifiagnt as long as the race survives.

I think that humans will strive regardless. It only takes a small sensible group of a paticular species to ensure the survival of the race. Humans will eventually die out, whether it is a fluke or we just can’t complete with other species anymore I belive that decendant of our genetic line will go on. Much like what happened to the Cromagnum Man. I would relate to the expanse of a river being: every river ends, even if into an ocean.

I think that, given we survive the next 100 years or so, mankind won’t ever perish. It most surely will evolve, but always in a manner which will make it more powerful. By powerful I mean to say that we will evolve to be more capable of exerting our ‘will.’ We will make the universe resemble our ideal of it.

Oh, I don’t know about that. It seems that when you have a superpower totalitarian government, they are the dangerous people who do drastic things.

Are you talking about the people of the planet or the physical orb of rock and molten lava that we’re stuck to?

That’s music to my ears.

I agree that the species man will eventually come to an end, but it will probably leave some mutated “post-human” progeny behind.

My prediction is that we’ll go through a dark age and then be reborn as a more unified, single organism (thanks to great advances in communications). Then that world-organism will go forth and multiply, by colonizing other planets, and then it will eventually meet some other world organisms, and all us world-organisms will remain individual from each other until we develop some planetary telephone (ansible), at which point exactly the same thing will happen with the planet-organisms as happened with the country-organisms and the people-organisms and the cell-organisms, and there’ll be a galaxy-organism (or something). The cycle will repeat, every time with larger subject matter, with individual galaxies forming a universe-organism, and universe-organisms forming a, well, you get the picture. This will go on and on until time runs out, at which point everybody will die a happy, satisfied death, everything will float back to its starting point, and the process will begin again.

That’s my addled view of things. No doubt the actual thing will be much different, and hopefully much more interesting.

Eventually, humankind will grow too large in the cosmos and we will likely be eradicated by an alien specie if we pose too large a threat.

That is a very real possibility within the next 100,000 years…

We better be careful…


It’s ironic and funny how serious I am. :laughing:


I meant “care” as in servitude to a lover.

Why do you do this for the world?

The people of this planet.

People don’t care for a reason, they just do. Natural or social construction, whatever. And I’m not talking about ‘love for mankind’, I’m talking about the way you care for your family and friends. I don’t have a reason for it. It’s not something you reason about.

Oh, and I’m sorry that nobody cares about you Aidan. Terribly sorry.

One thing superpower totalitarian governments love above all else is not being destroyed. Seriously, the world is more in danger with 2 superpowers. Now whether you’d want to live under a superpower totalitarian government…

No, there is a reason for every action. You care because you think caring will accomplish something for you in the end, to live under that delusion to protect from the nothingness of everything.

But why do that to a world that basically rapes us?

No, you’re not.

The only reason we are able to endure each other is because we are imposters.

Don’t you think that the way you approach the world will have consequences for you too? I would like for the world (i.e. mankind) not to perish because then I wouldn’t perish, nor would my offspring.

Can I tell you something of which you either avoid or deny?

Everything will have dire consequences. The world is here to cause you pain and delusions you will get out of it.

I would like not to perish; or live for that matter…but it will happen. I know you are angry about that realisation. Why do you lick the soles of this earth, gib? Why do you even have offspring? Their fate is to suffer like us.