What is this emotion?

I don’t know it yet.

I think that’s when you finish your trans surgery and for the first time you look in a mirror and feel like a pretty lady.

Lol, it’s very evil anyway!

It’s a girl alienated from her power, and so imitating what she feels as the image of it. So it is in fact the womanly emotion transes would have access to.

I’ve also seen transes who are also just legitimately gay, delicate, and so more in tune with womanly powers.


As Pedro said… acting as what they imagine a woman to act like…

Those actions are mainly done in jest and fun, but we don’t live and breathe like that… they are simply moments lived in a whole lifetime of many differing actions.

It is kind of interesting but it remains a mystery to me. How can one judge the emotion without seeing what comes before or what is surrounding her?

It can only be speculation.

Maybe the more interesting question would be: How does looking at her make you feel?
What emotion do YOU experience when viewing her?

Hurt, pretence, defensive arrogance.

Of is safe to say that all those emotions can be inferred as supported by the complex, not overly blended expressions: a picture is worth many words-holds true here.

Maybe the pain of gender bending may also figure in somehow.