What is your religion?

My religion is to have no religion, all religion is equal. the religion that survive over a 1000 years.

I am Christian. One of the real ones.

Chaote with soft-spot for Maxist & Jianist ethics/values.

Are you from USA?

christian, but i;ve been geting really into theosophism

I used to be a non-believer, but then I saw this. I’m an FSM man now :laughing:

Indeed! American all the way! More american than either of the 2 cronie parties in office right now!

I made a good guess. :smiley:

Lots of “Christians” here…

I am a Watcher…But you already knew that.

Yeah? what religion is that?

This thread seems strikingly similar to this thread.

Dont worry though,my religion becomes very apparent if you click The Truth on my sig.


care to define those? the definition of chaote(chaos magick?) was vary vague to me on answers.com.

maxist(marxist?) i cant find anywhere and Jianism is not on answers.com or wikipedia.

Marxist… typo, missed the “r”.

To the Chaote, beliefs are interchangable tools.
Need I say more?
Not really…

True that, so many chrisitians.

No wonder there is no religious diveristy discussion in this forum.
Many lack appreciation and understanding. Well, usually the most old old ones who have been in their religion for a long long time.


The United States is crazy, but I must admit, that’s why I love living here.

Anyway, Watcher is a member of a semi-sentinent alien race whose mission is to oversee developing species while not interfering with their history. Marvel Comics.

Anyway, my relegion? Roots: Presbyterian. Possibilities: Endless.

see, being 15, im still expiriment seeing what works. but here is what A. makes theospohism so appealing and B. the beef i have against organized religion.

A. if you break down the majority of major religions. Every rule, dogma,creedo ext. is based around that idea of love. Loving everyone. Theoposhism holds the idea the every religion holds a little bit of truth. And if you really look at them its correct. every religion has this higher power. Most had an enlightend period of time. All based around love. Similiar storys of the creation of man. I mean, even pandoras box seems reminisant of Adam and Eve…maybe im just rambling but, thats what its alwats seems to me.

b. If you’re raised in a country/family priamrily christian I.e America you grow up with the idea that that religion is the correct one (to a point), but the people who grew up in a jewish household or a muslim house hold all have that same outlook. Now the question is, do you believie in a god who would condem thouse other religions to damnation.

its alla about love,

this really held no relevance and im rambling

I’ve got United Reform Church roots, but would class myself as a weak theist, leaning towards Christianity.

Judge every religion upon its merits APART from the people practicing it! This requires that you study it yourself. Most people wont do this.

Judge the truthfulness of a religion by its Prophecy. So far based on my reviews… Christianity has the correct Prophecies. In fact we are more than halfway through them. Christ’s birth was a prophecy, the coming of John the Baptist was a prophecy… the bible if full of them.

Its really sad that all the nutjobs out there have made enough of a mockery of prophecy that people care not to listen anymore. But the mockery is intentional. The best way to hide the truth is to surround it with a bunch of lies so that people cannot easily find the truth.

Misery loves company and most people will be deceived!

i’m a christian, with a healthy respect for theravadan buddhism and eastern philosophy (though, as some may guess, i lean more towards lao-tzu than confucious).

as for a kind of non-religious belief system, i’m a pacifist, out of practicality rather than ethics.

if i ever find myself in a situation where it becomes more practical to abandon that belief for a period of time, i’ll do it in a heartbeat.

More of a Hobie or job really.