What religion is not masochistic or a dictation?

What religion doesn’t have commandments within it?

“If you find a moral code within any religion, you would do well to remember that this morality was an effort by men to control themselves and eachother. The more commandments and morality you find in a religion, the more untrue it tends to be.”
Who agrees with this general thesis.

Have you studied religions much?

Why would there be an inverse relation between morality and truth?

Robespierre argued that all rules that religion has could also be reached through logic. I’d argue that merely most rules can be reaffirmed, but that doesn’t mean his basic thesis was totally wrong.

When people preach the truth, they generally want conformity.
Isn’t it all imperialistic?

Well, that assumes a monolithic view of the truth.

Now, if we accept that Truth is monolithic, then why would we want variety? The variety, which deviates from Truth is, by definition, wrong.

Imperfection is the only reason why variety can exist.

Variety prevents pandemic & brings flexability.

I’m not sure I agree with that.

Mass is a highly structured and inflexibile ritual, yet look at the variety it has produced! Or, at a more common level, look at the Limreck. You can have variety within rigidity and differences within perfection.

Is the cut of a perfect diamond the same as a the cut of a perfect piece of steak?