what ruling class?


Of course my problem is that even to the extent I share her point of view, I am never really able to construe that point of view as anything other than a particular political prejudice rooted in the existential contraption that is dasein.

Whereas in my own objectivist years, I could embrace it as the essential truth about “democracy” in a nation in which economic and foreign policy were/are embedded almost exclusively in a political superstructure owned and operated by the crony capitalist ruling class. Here Democrats and Republican were virtually interchangeable.

The Clintons? Obama? Pelosi? Schumer? They are no less bought and paid for by Wall Street than their Republican counterparts.

Alas, all I really have to fall back on now is the distinction that can be made between fact and fiction in regard to elections in America.

Only nowadays Don Trump has basically made even that distinction – the one between truth and lies – in itself moot.

This has always been the case , the only sobering up was the result of the Great Depression years, the fearless exposure of the likes of the Muckrakers, and WW1 , bringing in an era flush with the spoils of war bringing in an era of liberal prosperity from FDR through Eisenhower. The decline soon after became expected nay sooner then later, creating a decline to sustainable policy.

The new revival brings in the old tune and surprisingly brazen at that.