What the... does this dream mean?

Last week or so I started to reel off my dream to my sister one weekend day… I cant recall which - As I went to my bedroom door upon awakening… a light-blue coloured dog lay sleeping beside it in front of the standing mirror and refused to budge in spite of my shoves and protestations and pretended to continue sleeping, so I left it there pretending to sleep and went downstairs.

Upon entering the lounge I encountered a bird flying around the room, so I opened the garden door and tried to shoo it out as my sister looked on. She apparently hadn’t noticed the bird and regardless of my pointing it out to her she did nothing to help but just continued looking on.

It refused to be shooed back into the great outdoors, and just when it was nearly out nephew number one appeared at the kitchen hatch and started chatting obliviously away and the bird tried to fly through it, and after what seemed like minutes of trying to explain the situation to him he finally acknowledged the scenario and happily closed the hatch.

The bird was shooed out, the dog remained sleeping upstairs, and I remained baffled by everyone’s obliviousness to the scene I had encountered.

Are my family useless?

…I get the family being utterly useless part when it comes to do with coming to my aid, but I can’t fathom what the significance of the blue dog is and why he was blue and seemed to appear from nowhere at some point in time before I awoke.

Seems to me, that with all the pretending going on the use of your family is a coincidental fact. You yourself are incapable to determine the reality of the situation, because it’s hard to make out what is real what is not. It is not the family which is to be blamed it is their differing perceptions. The levels of interaction are obscured by not being able to get on the same page.

The animals represent levels of consciousness, where the sleeping dog may represent lower, the bird higher levels. The fact that the dog is allowed to stay may mean that the family has given up on higher level interaction, and has satisfied itself with just minimal level, inherently understood ways of relating. There is not much expectation of family members of each other, but they do hang in, on basis of kinship.

 The dog is blue because blue is a color of higher frequency, meaning you expect more of the family then what you are getting.  He can't go because he is stubbornly family oriented.

The blue dog is a dormant unrecognised issue plaguing your comfort zone (the bedroom) lying between you and either escape (the bedroom door) or self-recognition (the mirror). You remain unable to resolve it so you ignore it and carry on as usual. The bird is the irritation you have to endure as a consequence of this action. You’re looking for outside help, but they cannot solve your own issues for you (the only thing you’ve recognised), only get in your way and distract you (your nephew). Further, the family projections are probably only elements of yourself rather than actually other people.

And the pisces moon is in the constellation of ambiguity.

My interpretation exactly.

Though I also like obe’s interpretation from an artistic point of view.

A “sleeping dog” is a loyalist/guard/protector, not paying much attention. Being “in front of the standing mirror” and “pretending to be asleep” implies the loyalist who is focused upon his own appearance and pretending to not notice anything else (not watching you).

The dream cannot be interpreted unless you know what was going through your head before you slept. The above are pretty good but, unless you remember your attitude and thoughts that night it is just guessing. So what was on your mind and or emotions before sleep?

You (Think you) do not want to let sleeping dogs lie. In the Dream you are the one who notices problems. Others in the family do not seem to. Something is wrong, perhaps going back to when you and your sister were closer to your nephew’s age. I get a lot of ambivalence about breaking a family pattern, going into some taboo area, or flying the coop, escaping, the bird not getting to escape from the house, but also needing to be shooed out. I would guess that some ‘area’ your family has unstated rules about not going into, you want to go into. Or no longer be like your family in some way. To do this mean not letting a sleeping dog lie. The proverb having to do with the dangers of going into issues that right now are not threatening but if you go into them, they may well be like an angry dog.

Dog is raising the troubling (to the family issue) or breaking the troubling (to the family) pattern.
Bird is escape, trapped, fragile Life caught where it should not be.

YOu might want to try mulling over what you really want to say or do these Days. Something that likely has guilt and shame surrounding it. You may not even realize that on some level it feels like it would mean upsetting or escaping your family.

Again: lots of ambivalence on your part. If, for example, you Think of yourself as a very direct person, who can make tough decisions, this Dream is about something where you may find yourself frozen or hesitant in ways that you are not used to.

Oh, yes. Blue dog. Well, it could be sadness. Blue-sad. So if you Wake up this dog it may be Contact with a lot of grief. Grief about some old event or family pattern. Or it could be grief that you need to move away from the family - at least on a psychological level - in some way.

And the fear is that your sister will not be there for you in this. She is oblivious to the issue and your pain. And likely she would be a key person for you to want support from.

That was really a lovely dream to me. Can’t quite decipher it though. The only thing that came to me is that dogs are really faithful and blue is also the color of faithfulness as in true blue.
How do you know that the dog was "pretending’ to sleep? At first you said that it “lay sleeping”. Why change that aspect of it?
And also, off the top of my head, being that it was sleeping in front of a standing “mirror”, perhaps your dream is telling you that there is something there about the blue dog for you to reflect on. Mirrors are reflections of us and so are dreams in actuality. I think that everything within the dream more or less is a reflection of who we are and sometimes - or so it has been said - the least thing in the dream that draws our attention or doesn’t draw it, is the most important thing to be looked at.

As for the bird, birds fly free. But in this case, think of that bird as your spirit. What does the above scenario tell you? It is true that in order to understand dreams, we do have to be aware of something which is going on around us in our daily life. Or perhaps you just happend to spot a bird outside in a tree and that image stayed with you and became part of your dream. Dreams are so wonderful aren’t they even the really scary ones.

This sounds like a great plot for an indie film. :mrgreen: :evilfun:

My family do not meet my expectations.

I see that your negative view of me is reflective in your reply… something to work on, perhaps.

I think that the dog lying where it was was so that my focus would be on it as opposed to myself (my narcissism) and I left it there through pure contentment on it’s part not lack of ability on mine - I think this scenario is reflective of my relationship.

The bird scenario probably reflects the family dynamics.

…but a wrong one.

But pretending to not notice the other is foolish on their part, as the other will seek one who does acknowledge them, which is where my relationship was heading.


The blue dog was the state of my relationship (hence the bedroom scenario) where one was content with it (he) but the other was not (me). Playing games and thinking the other will be there regardless is very foolish on their part.

I think my family lack integrity and values, and do not wish me well… of which I have already experienced many a time, so what to do…

Indeed pretending Arc… ignorance is bliss, and my words rained down on deaf ears, and who likes being ignored :neutral_face:

The bird/family scenario has plenty of significance Arc, but maybe it’s something I just have to come to terms with… hence the in-your-face obviousness of it.

My nightmares are not wonderful at all Arc… hence my usage of a night lamp and dreamcatcher combo to keep them at bay, otherwise they strangle me in the formless darkness of the night.

Perhaps Sil has found his calling, with such an imaginative mind as that.

Dream interpretation books, which you can probably buy at the check out counter of your local grocery store, are pure fiction. To interpret your dream, you need to try to recall what emotion acccompanied what event. IMHO, dreams act to throw out the garbage in your mind so as to refresh it for another day’s barrage of sights and sounds. As you dream certain neurotransmitters that allow logic are shut down. Your brain tries to make sense of this mayhem, so it renders the most plausible story of what you are experiencing.

True Ierr… once I’d posted my dream I could see that the dog/mirror scenario was my relationship as it had been… things have moved on satisfactorily for some months now, and I’ve always been dissatisfied with my family’s intentions towards me… hence my exacerbation with them, and those two in particular.