What would happen, if we.......

gave in. What I mean is, if everyone is so caught up in being superior to others in some way, what if we give them what they are wanting so bad? Call them master, humble ourselves, and be obedient slaves. That would end their quest. Would it make them happy? I want to find out. They think they will enjoy it, but will they?


…we’d be better off…"

“greed” as a characteristic would die off entirly…

it would take many genrations though

Why would it take many generations? Is there anyone that likes having greed as character? If so I would like to hear from them, and why they like it and feel it is worth keeping around. Anyone up to defending greed? Step up to the plate. Let’s talk about it.


         you making a very rash assumption and that assumption would be that we choose our characteristics.  

Greed is a common to the entire human Race.

In Theory, It is what sepperates us from the Animals.

An animal takes what it needs and porduces what it consumes.

Humans are more concerned with making 3 kilos out of 2 and hording resources.

while greed is simply the basis of all sin (that and pride), it is still necessarry to human life.

and secondly, the reason it would take many generations to die out is because greed isn’t something that comes with a terrtory. it is something that dies out as the need (for greed) dies out. This would take many generations. the Reds saw a similar concept with their 10 generation theory regarding freedom.

And regarding you comment of greed and giving it up.

Humans are lazy. And i don’t know that kind of person you are , but just suggesting “Giving up greed” is easier said that done.

Workers of the world untie! You have nothing to lose but your shoes…