what would possess children to do that?

a whole lot of hand wrangling is going on because a 12 year old
and a 14 year old children found some guns and shot at the police…

what could possible possess children to shoot at the police with an AK-47?
says the police who shot over 112 children to death over the last 4 years…

if there is one lesson children have learned it is this… life has little value
in modern day America…so why the surprise when children apply that
lesson back to society?

we, who are so “civilized” have banned the torture of children and we who are
so “civilized” that we have passed laws preventing children from being child labor…
and yet, and yet, we happily have children, 1 in 6, living in poverty…
we have 12 million children living in poverty… what take responsibility
for those children, the 12 million living in poverty… Nah, that isn’t our job…

and we hold to a economic and political system, capitalism that has no problem
allowing millions to live in extreme poverty and starvation… why I am sure
that is proving that we hold lives to be of value… if they are starving…

the company that I work for, so hates its workers, that should I die at my check stand,
I would be written up for dereliction of duty and my body dumped outside the store…
you think I joke, but I am not joking…and my name simply dropped off the schedule
and never another word is heard about me or my existence…there wouldn’t even be
a mentioned about my death on the company board…as has previously when an
employee has died, they never existed as far as the company is concerned and
they are never mentioned again…

why would children shot at the police? because they have learned the lesson
of society, that they don’t matter or count, and you may as well shoot at the police…
if you don’t count or matter, what difference does it make if you shoot at the police?

the modern day Nihilism that permeates all of our society, is the lesson learned
by the children…it is easy, in fact it is hard to miss that we devalue, dehumanize
our citizens… society shows its hatred of the people within that society in so many
ways as to be hard to count…does you vote count? clearly given the fact that
America is a corporatocracy…our individuals selves don’t matter in any, way, shape or form…

so why not shoot at the police? in fact, I can’t think of any reason why not to, outside
of the fact,

“But that the dread of something after death,
the undiscovered country from whose bourn
no traveller returns, puzzles the will
and makes us rather bear those ills we have
then fly to others that we know not of”

but what child thinks of death? none that I know of…

and when a child shoots at a policeman, and we all wonder…

wonder not… for the question isn’t why do children shoot at
policemen, the question is, why don’t more children shoot at policemen?


May be cause children was lived by jesus & they feel It’s care and concern, even if they have not experienced in their very contrived and simulated setting: and somehow learn that it’s better to turn the other cheek.

And i’m not cheeky about it.
But they grow up and find out that’s not really how things work in the world.

Incidentally, Peter, my first job in Los Angeles was a box boy at Safeway.

K: I have some familiarity with Safeway as I live in Northern California…


Then You can imagine. Every time I pass that store near a great flower shop that is near it, where flowers, violets periodically scent the air, I think of that first job, & how hard it was to get that job right out of the navy, without havinga dd214 document in my possession.

Later, NY about 10 years, there was a supermarket strike by the unions, and I got rs-employed by same Safeway as a but her transee, sorrily the resolution of the contract ended my job as well. I mind of liked the constant cutting, except having to wear layers to protect against the cold.

I remember that strike. I worked at Safeway for 2 years. I was nominated for employee of the year actually … don’t know if I got it, I quit.

I calculated that a a box boy I saved the company over 1,000,000 dollars because I was such a hard worker that when I stepped on the floor, 3-4 people were taken off my shifts.

I remember one time the dairy manager literally cried, his name was Brian … I did such a beautiful job in dairy facing and stocking (at blazing speed) and he told me that if I kept doing that, I’d burn out.

He was right. But not for the reasons he thought.

I was the only employee at my store who had the permission to sprint… man did I ever sprint !!

8 hours a day!! I had the heart of a top marathon runner because of that job. People could never figure out when they always needed me, I’d always be there day in and day out - and that’s with 3-4 less employees on the floor.

When I think about that Safeway job, it was fucking insane. I held whole departments everyday… produce, deli, dairy, stocked bread, made displays, I counted cans, I bagged groceries, I took people out with their carts, I cleaned the bathrooms, it is was insane, than I learned a trick… when I was sprinting down an aisle, and you could feel the wind when I ran past you, when I saw a scuff on the floor… I learned how to twist my ankle while sprinting to take the scuff off.

It was fucking insane what I did there.

Coincidence or what? And correction

During union strike was hired as butcher trainee it was a sorry thing that the contract was resolved and had to look for another job.

Did La Marathon 5 times with my kids back in the late eighties, early 90’s time was pretty mediocre but finished every time almost loosing a toe fir wearing wrong sneakers.

The Safeway job I was hired in they kind if liked me but the box boy job I liked mire because I got some tips plus the butchering job kept me in a very cold place, but I did better them some coming from Minneapolis right out of the navy.

The reason I know I had the heart of a marathon runner because of this job, is that my first psychiatric evaluation at UCLA medical center, part of it was running on a treadmill for 5 minutes, then they took my resting heart rate… it was 50 beats a minute.

I’ll never forget the look on that woman’s face.

I’ve always been a hard worker.

My promotions are not earthly anymore, they’re spiritual. And I work just as damn hard as I did at that job.

I was accused of having a good heart as well.

I will accuse you again…because I believe you have a good heart.

Good spiritual hearts…

Interesting concept.

I’m a feeble man now at 44 years. A fucking 100 year old can kick my ass.

But my heart is changing existence… all of it.

It’s peaceful here in the eye of the storm

That’s nice Meno.

I’ll tell you another Safeway confession.

I feel bad about being such a good worker. People lost money because I worked so hard. It’s not my fault. It’s Safeway’s fault. But I still feel bad about it. Like I said… when I stepped on the floor 3-4 people were taken off their shifts. Those people needed that money.

I’m not proud of Safeway for that (even though they’re owned by Kroger’s now!). They ripped everyone off. Not cool.

If I had it to do over again, knowing what I know now… I wouldn’t have worked so hard.

I feel sorry about that, but it is what it is, we’re all dealt cards that we must work with, or, with - out or in.

I just edited, and you can look up:

If I had it to do all over again, knowing what I know now… I wouldn’t have worked so hard. Sometimes you get an idea of impressing people… and I dazzled people. But at what cost? I’d rather have seen more people get paid than dazzled everyone.

You’re right Ec, but razzle dazzle is so Hollyweird here, and one gets used to the lingo and initially get caught up in it, but the consensus becomes after a while a shared attempt at an expected sales pitch

Speaking of lingo, I request your help.


Before travail in Hawaii. Re: 2 cents into chock-full. Or after - I can hang off of a tall cliff for a while.


You know where 2 cents comes from?

It’s the cost of a bullet in WW2

What the phrase really means is that my life depends upon it.

OMG - that is kind of spooky Ec. Given what I said(tall cliff).

ED I already went through that with You re: Kerouac: you can’t fall off a mountain,.

(Even if your life depended on it)