What you NEED to know!!!!


I have a more advanced system right now than the military, Ive been doing this as a civilian since I was 16 years old.

I have many compartmentalized intelligences.

Everything he says is absolutely true!!!

I will add additionally, Technology doesn’t trump spirit and spirit doesn’t Trump technology, in the ultimate sense… they are one and the same. On this small point, he is wrong.


No what?? You can make spiritual machines

Use this advance system of yours to get us 10’s.

You need to realize two things (one is a mental block you have)

In this reality system, you will be sent to hell for defending it in any way. That’s a huge cognitive difference in understanding between you and I …

I can literally make a machine that would cause every woman I wanted to have sex with me, want to have sex with me. I am far from a beta-male as people speak …

I already know enough about the laws of the universe to know it will send me to hell for a very long time, just like every dumbass make who thinks they are alpha right now … They’re going to hell.

I’m looking at the big picture

It’s funny that morons like Magnus and mr reasonable call me a worthless pile of shit…

They’re literally trillions of years retarded relative to the types of intelligences I interact with…

These types of beings could make then suck dicks the rest of their lives for 5 cents and make them enjoy it…

I roll with beings like this…

To a being like this, they are mentally retarded

Im not a beta-male either…I prefer being a boss as opposed to an underling. In actuality, beta-ness has very little reflection on your chances at reproduction. You could be an alpha, but if you are in the wrong town, have the wrong set of circumstances, or if women are socially-programmed to behave in a certain way, you won’t win.

So are you saying, that all my songs should be dark and negative? And I will go to hell for making positive music about society?

I feel ya, they are mentally retarded to me as well.

The most important part to respond to is the negativity part…


Songs need to be ACCURATE!!!

Ok, so I will make songs about how life sucks, in order to not go to hell.

Life is a different concept than a particular world system

Ok so I will sing about how earth sucks.

Thats you in the video?

Well… You could name a perfect planet earth as well…

So that doesn’t work either


But you work as a military contractor?