What you think about science and technology?

[size=150]Science is just one of the way of life.[/size]

We are so empty inside but to believe in science.

We are now living with all our mind and effort just to looking for the benefits of science.

We live for science but will end up like a fool.

What do you think? your comments, critics and opinion are most welcome!
Thanks for your attention here.

Somewhere on the web is a rather good little lecture about how beautiful and misunderstood science is by Richard Dawkins. Find it, read it, understand.

Ahh, found it edge.org/3rd_culture/dawkins/lecture_p1.html

Also, for those of you who believe in the paranormal, there’s a link to a website, randi.org

The most illuminating thing on it is the $1 million dollar challenge to demonstrate paranormal abilities. No-one has ever taken it up!!

OOps, that was me. I should aslo say, people have taken it up, what I meant was is that none of the famous psychics ever have.

I can’t relate one thing to another here. Science is not a belief, is an understanding of our nature in many ways.

I would change a single word there to agree with you. Instead of science I would say progress. Science is not a bad thing. Knowing about the world could improve our quality of life and by using the word “science” you include everything from medicine to philosophy. The more we know about ourselves the more we are able to see our mistakes and correct them.
I am not against progress - in a way. For me, being able to build send an email is not an advantage and is not a wise progress, is a technological progress. Sending a spaceship to mars is the same thing. But I don’t see any space for life improvement, we actually are slave to an everlasting life speeder.
Because of financial interests, we are supposed to do things faster so we can do more in less time. But do what? Why hurry so much? I don’t understand - well, I do - again, financial interests. Why do we need to send emails, because our business with get replies faster and we could solve things faster to get more money faster.
All this rush through life has to sacrifice one thing, quality. Parents haven’t got time for their children, who are learning how to do more things faster - so they will pay less attention to their children. Relationships are in ruins, marriages don’t last, people don’t have time to care about the elderly, or animals or anything really - but to keep the progress machine going.
We are so worried about new mobiles with pictures that we forget that is much better to have time to actually be with those people in the pics… we progress in technology but forget to progress as human beings.

We live for science but will end up like a fool.

Progress - we live for progress - so silly that is.
I would love to have horses instead of cars for long distances, walk short distances, handwritten letters, with a good royal mail service, and not decadent one. Ships instead of planes, fireplace instead of heaters, candles instead of lights, books instead of tv.
Life would be slow - not a motor race.
But I can’t disagree that technology helps in many ways - not everyone would be able to read a book, for example - so I can’t deny that it is useful. However we could use it wisely. If we take 2 days to communicate by letter, then we should send the email and check it after 2 days or we could work in 2 days what we would work in a week and take the other 5 days off to enjoy our families and friends and all that we can enjoy from the world. Or we could work 2 hours a day - but no - we have to keep working 40 hours per week and doing in a moth a work of a year just to make money goes round and round faster - it’s just - folly.

I think we should stop progress now (keep working on ways to improve our quality of like, like medicine) and work on ourselves a bit more - our societies are failing (more crimes, divorces, more child abuse, violence, hatred, stress) and that cos we are not taking care of it. If we don’t progress as humans then technology will be of no use when we are all killing each other of the streets - well, actually we could kill each other faster. :evilfun:

I can move an empty plastic glass… does it count?

Obviously is just static or something… :cry: