What's for lunch?

Today my specialty was three chopped herrings embedded in diced onion.
Amazing. Just if the herrings are not slightly stuffy, but all pure silver pink goodness of mother sea (our sea here is a mother, feels like) then there is literally nothing more healthier to digest.
I thought this somewhat mentionworthy because normally I only eat 2 herrings at a time. And since once cant possibly eat herrings for breakfast or dinner, it needed to produce for itself a lunch-thread to luxuriate inside of. I think this thread gives rise to special occasion of brunch and afternoon snacks as well. I aim to have, for example, a high tea with special iced teas and chocolates fruits.


Are you an UHNWI?

My lunch is going to be chicken and chickpeas, plain, no seasoning.

sounds like some wypipo shit u need to season that chicken

Does salt count? :-k


Nice roast! Fine porn music too.

not if its the only thing youre putting on there

Oriental chicken veggie stir-fry

wendy i think its racist to say oriental now, you should specify a country

Coffee. Tea. Might try baking an egg in an avocado.

the spark plug burger is back

…not necessarily …free-range roasted chicken tastes amazing when simply seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil (to crisp up the skin and add flavour) and set atop a few cloves of crushed garlic.

Now… stews, casseroles, broths, etc. taste better with (natural) herbs and spices added to them.


Shelf of evil

So what are you going to eat?

have you ever had one of those slices of toast from a coffee shop where they cut a hole in the middle of the toast and then while the toast is toasting they put an egg in there and then you get this little slice of toast with an egg cooked in the middle of it?

no but when I was 16 in wilderness camp we used to cook eggs in orange peel halves. Cut it in half, eat the pulp out if it, and use the peel as a bowl. U set it down in the coals, and the moisture in the peel keeps it from burning. The egg cooks right in that sucker in about ten minutes.

that sounds delicious

I just had spaghetti with Alfredo and tomato sauce which had small amounts of ground up Italian sausage.