When is the right time to lose your virginity? age, sin

Give me an answer as a parent for a child?

When do you think is the right time and why? So far, parents agree at high school age, specifically the age of real reasoning, close to senior prom.

And about sin, who started the alienation of sin? Is it true that women
did. Then would it be reasonable to say away from women as best as possible and sex, especially when the expectation of losing you virginity
is not meet by your parents. Or religious leaders, like sex is valid only through after marriage.

What about repent? Does not God has given us the ability to sin, then ask for forgiveness, then sin, do it again and again? What is it mean to repent? Don’t it mean to be uncleaned then clean again, a formula, a non-virgin then back to a virgin?

Can something that is done be undone?

Your wedding night is the best time to lose your virginity—to your husband (or wife).

Peace out.

Any time is a good time for pie - Pulp Fiction

As to ‘losing ones virginity’ - what is one losing, exactly? I’ve never understood that expression…

I’d generally say that you are better off waiting for a decent opportunity with someone that you like but if you insist on functionality then so be it…

It was yesterday, man. You missed it.


The old fashion way… Which is to say, for 300 years
the way most boys lost their virginity in the U.S.
was when dad or older brother or uncle took the boy to a local whorehouse when the boy was in his teens, usually around 13 to 15.
This is how it was done until the 1940 or 1950’s in the U.S.


What I want to know is how one gets the job of relieving 13 to 15 year old females of their virginity, other than riding around in a Vauxhall Nova with an outsize sound system, reeking of Lynx deoderant, listening to dangerously loud generic hip hop or drum n bass…

Drunk with a fat chick.

Looks around What?

No but seriously, what’s the deal? It really doesn’t matter when you do it. You shouldn’t have to ask if you’re not following some possibly stupid set of rules which dictates when you should.

Trust me, if you’re an open minded person and a woman wants to sleep with you… heh, well let’s just say if you can rip her off of you and put your clothes back on with a serious face you’re a stronger man than I am :smiley:

I guess you should be able to be with someone without wanting sex. Maybe that’s the test to tell you if it’s hormones or love. Of course watching TV just makes people think about sex 10 times more often. So I guess the battle of the wills is on.

The right time is when it’s love. Yet maybe the relationship should be well established so that people don’t rely on sex for intamacy. Then they have something deeper to fall back on durring hard times. Yet sex before love becomes a distraction from judging a person for who they really are,… or the image of sexual conquest (I just love a woman with black hair and big doe eyes).

reap and you shall sow

labor now then labor harder tomorrow

I see saw must virgins do so much better then those who art not

to answer quite seriously as a high school student. in high school, at least at mine (in Bradenton, FL), bitches suck ass. i havnt really found a girl that i find to be very attractive in any other way than physical appearance, and at the particular small private school i go to, the chicks arnt that good lookin.

so what im sayin is, mabye you should wait until its right, but get laid before you leave high school.

first time should not be with that chick that everyones gonna give you shit about for the rest of your life (or a chick with STDs), make it a hottie.

dude jumps out of the bushes as your about to make out with the girl of your dreams “oh man i cant believe it i went to high school with you, hey arnt you that dude that hooked up with that stank ass bitch. yeah i heard she had gannareah.” (yeah that prolly wont happen)

Worked for me.

Dogmatic slave, there’s nothing you’d like more then to be told what is “right”, in a way that pleases you.

That’s rather buissiness like… Almost “civilized”, in a stange way… Something simple, like money, for a bit of physical and mental stimulation? What isn’t for sale?

Phil, you’re very right about that.
I commend your good intuition.

But, love should be easy and naturally occuring. No fight for/against. [IMO].

Well, what reason is there to touch any body other then some sort of craving?

Like reason and logic?

Good luck with that.
Being blinded by things is the biggest bliss humans ever had.
The price?.. Too many prices to pay for this. I can’t even list them all.