Where did the current events section go to?

I remember there being a subforum for current events, but it’s gone now, or at least hidden. I wanted to talk about the collapse of the Indian currency as a result of the greek elections. The normal section of the site that I could post in as a backup, the social section, is malfunctioning and is nothing but racism and conspiracy theories.

I wanted to look at the laffeur curve in relationship to international banking, using internal politics in one country as the basis of a sort of involuntary taxation on another country… in this case the greek elections causing economic turmoil in India and Brazil, and the accidental mass strengthening of the US Dollar (legacy of Bretton Woods).

However, I don’t want to discuss global economics and classical aspects of economic theory when the threads around this 100-1 deal with hating minority races and government conspiracies.

We need a separate section of the site to post stuff dealing with statecraft, economics, sociology, anthropology, etc. I fully accept theories like Marxism or the Austrian school would be there, Boas to Ibn Khaldun, Machiavelli to Clausewitz, Thucydides to Dante’s work on Monarchy… whatever… but it needs it’s own section. Right now, this aspect of philosophy has effectively lost representation on this site, and it’s the oldest aspect of philosophy, outside perhaps theology and aesthetics, that we know for certain exists. It shouldn’t be forced to die off because of a temporary bias or neglect from a few extremists who can’t tell reality from conspiracy.

This is the link I wanted to post for discussion, it’s from IndiaToday, India’s top English newsite:

I don’t want to have a legitimate newstory intermixed with the fantasy and chaos that is… well, what used to be the social forum. It’s very upsetting to see a whole section of the site collapse like that. If it was all in a few threads, compacted, it wouldn’t be a issue. If it was a sometimes thing, or done to illicit a novel psychological response, I would be more accepting of it.

It’s just a torrential waterfall of meaningless babble that has no place in reality or under the sun. India’s currency has hit a all time low, and I want to discuss it, but can’t. That section of the site is in inane ruins.

Contra, any duplicate topics will be dealt with: it is not the topics that is the problem, but the number of similar threads on any given topic that is clogging up the SS forum.

The CE sub-forum was underused and so was merged back with the SS forum… a few threads per year does not negate a whole sub-forum to contain them.

Yeah… I am not saying ban or delete those topics in the least… enough people in this world believe in it, they use rhetoric and a kind of logic, and counts enough as philosophy… just it murders any other social related discussion from potentially taking place. I think it would be great to either have them condensed into a few mega topics, or better give a subforum to it. That, or give a subforum to these kinds of posts.

My main focus in philosophy is political theory, strategy, and economics, etc. I’ve always been cautious about doing it, but since I’ve seen StoicGuardian was going into the military and have had a few exmilitary and now one current military guy interested in the topics… I want to get back into the groove of it.

And know I don’t blame Pav… he’s been busy. I don’t hate walker… or even people for expressing these ideas- I don’t agree with them for the most part, but I understand the phenomena well enough… just it’s not working out in the least in terms of compatibility for what that section is labeled for. It would be the same if we had a bunch of posters supporting marxism and then a bunch supporting austrian economics and adam smith and they were tooth and nail at one another to the point of not being able to discuss stuff anymore and just screaming or ceasing to post altogether… it would be a perfect time for subcategories.

I fully agree that some might not view my posts as philosophy, or yours, or anyone’s for that matter. This opinionated stance on who is and is not a philosopher is not new to philosophy, goes back to ancient times… just… this isn’t working in it’s current set up.

If you want to set up a social section elsewhere and let them inherent that area that could work too, might save some labor.

Indeed, who is anyone to say what is and isn’t philosophy? ego perhaps… the my view is better than your view mentality…

Please feel free to post your topics, and the SS and MB threads will be consolidated or put to rest… if they haven’t fizzled out by themselves that is.

I’m moving some to Rant.

I see MB has enough.

You know out of the 48 threads on page one 24 of them are by Joker… just sayin maybe there’s a link.

I will once I see it’s thinned out a little. Don’t want it getting lost in the crush. Got a link on Jung on War I’ve been debating posting all day open on my browser.

Yeah…I’m probably going to have to play the, “Substantially the same subject matter,” there, as well. I’m not going to do it retroactively, though.