Where would you go?

I have a ticket to anywhere in the world. I have a whole list of places. Where would you go and why?


canada, cause I love a lot of places there, and I love the temperature. easy going. calm, beautiful cold crisp lakes.

canada equals calm calm calm to me.

Most anxiously -

Roecken bei Luetzen, Sachsen Anhalt, Deutschland: born Friedrich Nietzsche

Roma, Latium, Italia: born Filius Augustus

Raiding, Burgenland, Austria: born Ferenc Liszt

Tokyo, Sydney, Tibet…

New Zealand, possibly the prettiest country on the planet earth.
As shown by the “Lord of the Rings” series.



when in france, most likely, next to the bidet…


Right now…Machu Picchu, Peru because I want to walk through ancinet Incan sites, hike throught the Andes, and see where a Peruvian ice maiden mummy was discovered several years ago. The floating islands of Lake Titicacca nearby would also be wonderful to see.

Since I have already been to Turkey and Italy, it makes sense for me to visit Greece next and see the temples, forums, and ruins and breathe the air where beauty was conceived.

And I just recently visited Germany and Austria, so I would love to go back there and then travel to Czech Republic and Poland to see “my people”–I have a good bit of Czech, Polish, and Germann in my genes.

And of course Ireland, Denmark, and Guatemala…and everywhere!

liquidangel, what places were you thinking about before you posted your question.

Go to Japan.

Several people that I know have gone there and it’s got everything both old and new.


Also, If you act now you can go on this cruise with Whoopi Goldberg.

Ireland most likely. I’d like to see Germany and China, too. Although since it’s March, I’d settle for a week in Vegas.

by what peter wrote in my latest thread i’d say california is the place to be! if i was feeling well enough to travel that is.

BUT the thing i hate the most about the US is the war- i wonder if they’d try to draft me?!

Victoria, Canada.

I have a friend in the Coast Guard that said it has an unbelievable ratio of women to men (with the women outnumbering). He said it had a great music scene.

Are there Canucks that can verify this?

I lived there for the first half of my life… well, Vancouver, but vancouver is better anyways.

Never been to a better place… everything your friend said is right and more. I can’t even describe the women… asian/black/east indian all rolled into one… it’s amazing. Not sure about the music scene… wasn’t really old enough to be into it 11yrs and younger.

Anyways… with Whistler and all that around, I would definately endorse going

… figuratively of course :smiley:

Hi Kristalyn,

I was thinking Machu Piccu to be honest. Also Iceland or China or the Himalayas like Anapurna or Ladakh.

I’m not gonna go to Europe, I’ve been there, I lived in Amsterdam about 9 years ago and going anywhere to Europe from London is easy and cheap.

Lived in Japan and South East Asia so don’t really want to go there unless it’s India again. I don’t think I’ll get tired of India.

I’ve never been to the States and I’ve never been to South America.

Matt and Gobbo, I doubt I’ll be going anywhere for the girls.


Hey LA,

You should get out a world map, put it up on the wall and then throw a dart at it with your eyes closed to see where you could go.

I did it on a gameshow once… but they didn’t tell me I -had- to go even if my dart landed on the ocean :cry:

“Matt and Gobbo, I doubt I’ll be going anywhere for the girls.”

You wouldn’t be going for the girls, at least not exactly. You would be going to see what life would be like under the bizarro cirucmstance that women dramatically outnumbered the men. It would be like an exercise in matriarchy. I don’t think even India has that.

Besides, I’m going to go for the music scene.


With respect to the United States, I think you would enjoy Laguna Beach as long as you could stear clear of the pompousness (although that has moved to Newport Beach these days). The local art gallerys, fairs, etc., are fun if you’re into the worldly side of things.

Other than that, I would try Montana or Colorado for something relaxing. A little horseback riding, river rafting, fly fishing- the outdoors works, so to speak.

Music is a good reason. Although I have to say that I can do that in London quite nicely really.

I would only go if Shyster came out to play… :wink:

But what do you think? I’m thinking somewhere like this:


Not really “In the world” but if I could scrounge up the required God-knows-how-many-millions fee, I’d be on the first tourist-orbiter outta here. I wanna see the world, but all at once, from space.