Which do you feel you are gifted in?

Harvard Professor Howard Gardner suggests that there are at least eight different types of intelligence. Which do you feel you are gifted in?

A) Verbal-linguistic (“word smart”)
B) Logical-mathematical (“number/reasoning smart”)
C) Visual-Spatial (“picture smart”)
D) Musical (“music smart”)
E) Bodily-kinesthetic (“body smart”)
F) Interpersonal (“people smart”)
G) Intrapersonal (“self smart”)
H) Naturalist (“nature smart”)


A little insulted by H and am capable but mostly refuse to do F.

Believe B is inferior and doesn’t belong on the list, but I am very good at it when I try.

My weakest is B, but not if I was to swat up on it and memorise the higher aspects of it at degree level, but I am good at math and reasoning otherwise…

I am equally gifted in A and C, then G E F H and D… in that order: the self first, then the other, then that which is beyond us, and then lastly the whimsical.


You cannot, will not, or must not tell? :-$

Are you kidding? B is the most superior on the list…

Or are you saying that because you admit you are not gifted at it, and am I saying that because I am gifted at it? Sour grapes perhaps.

I would recommend learning to code for the exact reason that it helps you with philosophy. Not only does it literally force you to think logically and efficiently, it forces you to find and correct all the contingencies and holes in your own thinking - a skill that few seem to possess these days.

What else is maths than the most efficient version of all other forms of intelligence, and the logical manipulation of relevant variables towards valid conclusions? This doesn’t belong on the list? The rest will help you get by in the real world, but only B will enable you to master it - although without A, F and G you might struggle to communicate your findings…

:evilfun: Manni-pedi, long time no see.

Kinda a, c, d, and e. Nope, age has killed e.

I’d say if these powers dont lead to each other or flow naturally into each other, they become prisons.

But Jakob, how can that happen? We do not all have the same gifts. For instance, look at Sheldon on Big Bang lol and perhaps this is not a good example but perhaps it is. He would definitely be an awesome B but he is definitely not an F or an H ~I would not think.
Some people have higher IQs and some have higher EQ.
I am more an A, an F and a G I intuit and perhaps an E.

But perhaps I do not have a fuller picture of what you meant above.

The thing about the more in-depth quiz, is that there is no middle ground for wanting to, but being unable to, undertake an activity or interest… so as well as becoming prisons, they can also hilight a current hinderence in the ability to execute them, as happens when one becomes incapacitated through illness or other means… albethat a temporary prison.

I took the test:

100% on intrapersonal, logic and mathematical

90% on others…

I ranked low on kinesthetic and musical because they are destroying the species for males in a sex dimorphic species… I’m actually a genius composer. The people who made the test are kinda stupid.

My results would constantly fluctuate… dependent on… on… :-$

They could have asked better questions for sure, but I guess they had to appeal to a broad spectrum of participants… not niche.

Some of the more time-consuming activities, would obviously mean lower scores on others, so varying, dependent on schedule… I guess one would have to keep optimising one’s-self, as we now do with our android phones and computers. lol