Which Tarot Card are You most like?

I’m most like Justice, because when I made my notebook to post onto this forum, I poured all of my vitality into that, complete focus, spawning tidal waves of fortune worked into devastation by my hands. So to take that away from me, all of my powers and wisdom would be defeat. If I was stronger, I should get credit. That’s Justice for me.

And here’s a list of the major arcana below:

Number Card, traditionally Card in Rider-Waite-Smith deck
0 The Fool The Fool
1 The Magician The Magician
2 The High Priestess The High Priestess
3 The Empress The Empress
4 The Emperor The Emperor
5 The Hierophant The Hierophant
6 The Lovers The Lovers
7 The Chariot The Chariot
8 Justice Strength
9 The Hermit The Hermit
10 Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
11 Strength Justice
12 The Hanged Man The Hanged Man
13 Death Death
14 Temperance Temperance
15 The Devil The Devil
16 The Tower The Tower
17 The Star The Star
18 The Moon The Moon
19 The Sun The Sun
20 Judgement Judgement
21 The World The World

Which card do you think that you’re most like? Be sure to post your response below, and maybe also include why!

Ive given this a night, still the only card that pushes forward like “Im your man” is the Emperor.

Emperor corresponds to Aries, thus Sun and Mars. It runs between Chokmah and Tipharet. Thus informs the soul of its higher power/purpose.

All 22 are paths.

What is more sensible than to identify what one is (one is never only one path, even though paths can easily take lifetimes to complete) is to identify which paths are completely in the dark.

These are terrains of gain.
And enormous risk.

0 The Fool
Initiative, bravery

1 The Magician
Knowledge, cunning, efficiency

2 The High Priestess
Intuition, self-appreciation

3 The Empress
Creativity, fertility

4 The Emperor
Power, determination, will

5 The Hierophant
Knowledge, certainty, fixed values

6 The Lovers
Decision, leap, one way track

7 The Chariot
The unprecedented Act

8 Strength
Binding forces, control, mastery, higher self-hood

9 The Hermit
Secrets, precious values, truths of the heart

10 Wheel of Fortune
The path of success, when things go ones way, nature under the sun

11 Justice
Power of code, self-confidence inside of a hostile world

12 The Hanged Man
Long ripening truths, the area where the will can’t move things, the deep

13 Death
Passage from lesser life through a darkness to a greater life, overcoming fear (relates to the Chariot)

14 Temperance
Self control (relates to Strength)

15 The Devil
Doing what has to be done but is undesirable, or not doing it and the situations that are thereby created
lesser evils vs greater evils

16 The Tower
Breakthrough, thrill

17 The Star
Beautiful promise that feels like a delivery, the mysterious appearance of the truth early on, which puts the human on a path (related to the Fool)

18 The Moon
The cool flow of instinct through the subconscious

19 The Sun
Being proven no fool

20 Judgement
Acts of violence to make a just claim to the Earth

21 The World
God on the 7th day, God in France, etc.

I am most like The Fool because I am a simple mind who knows he is simple and does not understand much
I am also like Death because that will be the eternal state I will be in after my life has finally passed away

My then best friend who was earlier than I am in the occult kept calling me The Fool. I thought fine, thats a compliment. Now Im no longer essentially the fool, as Ive tried too much and ran into too many walls. I have found a path.

Something I need to be lest I am not. A choice… this is represented by The Lovers.

The whole tree of life compels to the singular aim of the Great Work.

We idiots summarily dismiss tarot cards and instead find guidance in the stages. Only recently have I ascended to the 18th stage and become a superhuman idiot who has passed beyond enlightenment.

These things you will not understand until you sit at the feet of an idiot, and it is for this reason that I extend my left nike to you.

To the best of my knowledge, there was no mention of tarot cards at all in this particular rendition of the idiot: youtu.be/BBvIweCIgwk

And none here either to the best of my recollection: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Idiot

There is this though: amazon.com/Tarot-Cards-IDIO … B00QMXJY60

It cost $530.84. And, clearly, only an idiot would pay that much.

I actually had to buy that book as a course requirement when I joined. We all thought it was written explicitly for us idiots as a study guide, but then we found out it was in general meant for people ignorant of what tarot cards were. Boy did we feel like a bunch of idiots after that.

You guys reveal much.

The Hermit.

Not from the description of “Secrets, precious values, truths of the heart”, but from all the descriptions I’ve read on a few internet searches the past couple of days that I’ve read up a bit on tarot. Maybe such things could be condensed down to secrets, precious values & truths of the heart, but it seems like a lot is lost in translation if you do.

Tarot never interested me, nor does it now I’ve read a bit about it - I guess the cards are a bunch of archetypes, and I wasn’t expecting so much connection between them and old religious style beliefs, including astrology and mythology as well as the more major religions. That much is mildly interesting I guess, but ultimately it seems like they’re just another story of many like it. People who are into it will no doubt disagree? But who can resist one of those internet-style “which x are you?” tests.

As with most things that provoke divided opinion, “the truth behind tarot cards” is never actually pinned down such that it is finally, finally determined to be either a genuine pursuit or mostly bullshit.

If believing in it allows someone to feel better or more certain about their life, then nothing I say is likely to change their minds. It’s more embedded in the places that human psychology can take us than in human behavior that is actually open to rigorous analysis.

And then the part where it becomes a business.

It’s a value judgment. And you know where I take them.

Here is a video that more or less sums up my own existential reaction to it: youtu.be/c0PifTv-oiw

I’m sure there are also videos out there from the other end of the spectrum.

But any method that claims to “look into the future” is suspect to me. Unless our future is wholly determined by the laws of matter, our anxiety about it in an autonomous world prompts any number of folks to place the burden of grappling with it on the shoulders of one or another rendition of the “psychic”: astrologers, numerologists, mediums, fortune tellers, tea leaf readers, zenor card readers, playing card readers, and on and on and on.

Whatever works I always say.

We havent discussed the use of the cards for divination, though that is a popular thing to do with them.

The origin of the cards is obscure, but what is almost certainly the case is that they were designed along with the tree of life as well as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The link between these three sets surfaced, and resurfaced during the age of Christianity and disappears in the hermetic mist eventually. There is no telling precisely about its origins. What matters to the people who use it is simply its usefulness in categorizing states of being in a human life.

Of course, if you juggle and toss around such archetypes, any sequence of them is going to make sense. That said, my experience has consistently shown that the more attention is put in the shuffling and picking of the cards, the more actual sense the reading makes.

Whether that is because the investment of energy compels me to take it more seriously or due to some actual hidden laws of correspondence is not an argument that is pertinent to the potential significance of the cards for a keen psychologist.

Divination itself is, as the myths consistently tell us, treacherous business.

The idea with the cards cabalistically is to use them to identify powers and depths in oneself and to address the kinds of risks one has to take to advance as a being in a nominal way. The whole idea that there is an objective scale of advancement is of course not something that is open to debate. It is either the case or not, and talking about it doesn’t change whichever is the case.

I just put the Magician in my avatar, because there’s ancient threads to long lost wisdom I have pooled into my arcanum of repertoire, and harnessing all of the tricks and subtle deceptions, even playing sides with my many masks can be entertaining.

your picture before was more magician like though

The Hermit, because I’m more of a phlegmatic spectator and commentator than participant.

Could also be the Hanged Man; suspended in inactivity due to the decision to observe.

Yeah sorry, Gloominary, there can only be one Hermit :wink:

the star, the moon and the hermit.

Interesting, I guess the Hanged Man works just as well.

Very well, the Hanged Man it is.