White countries need White Shariah

This all begs the question… what the frack is going on in your country that we don’t know about, and why are your Government allowing such a coup?

Is the EU too busy pocketing our dividends to prevent this… or even notice?

This is a interesting proposal for sure.
Better than drinking the aid.

However, when are we expecting the fight?

White men in Europe never fight, its always them who runs and the muslims who beat up the gays.

Do we really need White Shariah?

Yes, yes we do.

MagsJ before White Shariah:

MagsJ after White Shariah:

More like


A space cow and a brown cow… with and without burka. Blue veils to go with your white sharia, on brown cows, in green fields. The return of the brown cow… a new chapter =D> 'll make for good bedtime reading.

Me, doing what I do best:

Photobombed by Autsider :open_mouth:


Poor girls.


Why is your thinking so severe towards women? Why the violent frustrations?

I reject the premise of that question - my thinking towards women is not severe, it is realistic and appropriate. I merely ingested enough red-pills to realize what needs to be done if one wants a healthy, functional society.

As for why am I frustrated, you mean aside from the fact that women’s unhinged degeneracy is slowly destroying white countries including my own country? Because I also witness all of this filth personally on an almost daily basis because due to my environment (liberal humanities college) I am forced to interact with such people.

Oh, and just to help you illustrate how much the treatment of women has changed (for the worse), some guy said this:

White Shariah would have these women galloping straight back to the kitchen


It’s violent and nothing more. Nothing of worth accompanies it and if you find a women to support your mentality of using violence to make an example of her, you best marry that twit and try not to kill her.

Every possible way of setting up a society is violent as all organisms are necessarily violent, saying that what I propose is “violent” (as in it shouldn’t be violent) is thus not only against any form of social order, but against life itself.

I don’t care if any woman supports any of my positions or not.

White Shariah isn’t about beating people up for the sake of beating people up. On a fundamental level it is the same as all societies in history - certain rules are put in place, and if you disobey the rules, you are dealt with one way or another.

Don’t disobey the rules and of course, no harm will come to you. I merely disagree with the kind of rules current society promotes.

You don’t mind “violence” itself, since you are protected by the violence of daddy state, no? No, what you mind is when violence is used enforce the kinds of rules you dislike. You don’t have a problem with violence itself.

If you did, you would have killed yourself already to stop yourself from being violent. You would also reject other people (daddy state) being violent on your behalf.

Your lies don’t work on me. I see right through you and your word games.

Tell what these rules you have in mind are before I take to skull bashing, you have been given an opportunity to plead your case if you so choose.

What lies?

When I see you repost what I’m trying not to assume is a pat answer, it’s more antagonistic than anything, ya know? Regroup and get back to me. I certainly try not to waste my time lying, the truth is my preference.

The lie that you are against violence itself, silly. You’re not, nobody is. You just want to use violence to accomplish a different purpose (enforce a different set of rules) than mine.

When did I write that I am against violence? Personally, I would prefer to be gentile, but I am a bit more dangerous than I like to admit.

Yeah no shit. Everybody would prefer to be able to achieve their goals without having to hurt somebody else or risk anything, but that’s not how the world works.

Risk is where the rewards are, but the trick is to do it without destruction.