White European preservation policies

My view is hardly new-age.
But how would you know one way or another?
I have experience involved in such things that I am certain that you do not have.

And in a similar way, why do you think that the Orientals kept out the Europeans and Semites?

Just look at your history. Anyone could have developed technology and tiny traces of it were found everywhere. But who actually brought it to fruition (whether good or bad)? Similar with civilization. The Chinese and Japanese properly considered the West to be animalistic barbarians and the Middle East, no more than insidious serpents destroying everything in sight.

Another condescending retort… How Jamesie of you.

Your experience is wrong but that is obvious to anyone but you.

The Asian closed societies have absolutely nothing to do with this thread - and if you don’t know that, perhaps you need more experience.

It’s too simple to say that whites blocked the assimilation of non-whites. There are lots of reasons why immigrants (or particular groups) do not assimilate and do not want to assimilate.

One of the complaints about immigrants is that they don’t assimilate.

If you believe in multiculturalism, then you believe that assimilation is not required or desirable.

phyllo - I think the issue of assimilation has been framed poorly by some - that is to say that assimilation has been presented as a problem per se and not because a lack of assimilation causes other problems. Put simply but awkwardly, a lack of assimilation is a problem if it’s a problem. I don’t find the lack of assimilation much of a problem in america, but if it is, it should be looked at in terms of a cost/benefit ratio. Not just literal monetary cost, but social costs.

I guess some Amish and similar communities haven’t assimilated as much as many other groups. What are the costs of that and what are the benefits?

One effect of assimilation that I have seen is that ethnic neighborhoods tend to disperse over time, especially outside of large cities. usually, I have felt a loss when that happens. The restaurants, markets and stores, the ethnic celebrations, the rich cultural landscapes tend to get watered down and often disappear. Places get homogenized. It’s kinda too bad, but stopping that from happening may cost more in money or personal freedom than what it is worth.

But there always seem to be new groups coming here to repeat the process. And it is a process. The new and 'foreign" groups of today tend to become the assimilated groups of tomorrow and are often groups that want to shut the door behind them.

What drives the opposition to new groups can often be boiled down to this - fear. That’s what i see in neo-nazis, in general. Unmitigated and embarrassing fear. Except that they are too craven and frightened to be embarrassed. Sometimes I am even embarrassed for them. Mostly, I feel sorry for them.

You’re right. One of the problems with on line discussion is that we try to condense complexity into two or three sentences. The result is that we paint with a broom instead of a three hair camel brush. We’re all guilty of this here and there, now and then. Still that doesn’t mean that whites didn’t suppress non-whites even though it is just one of the many reasons…

I don’t think that you can reduce multiculturism to either/or assimilation. Retaining old traditions is common and even desirable for a immigrant. It allows them to have a “past”. The key to assimilation is identifying as a citizen of their new home. If they aren’t welcomed into the new country, then assimilation takes much longer. There are many examples of white Europeans who came to this country and spent one or two generations in literally “ghettoized” communities because they weren’t welcomed by the general population.

Some fear is not misplaced. Let me give you an example from 2004 when there was a move to establish Sharia law tribunals in Ontario, Canada. Is the fear that this would undermine the established legal system not legitimate?

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Interesting stuff, phyllo. An example of a failed social experiment. I’d be the first to want ANY religion the hell out of any government justice system. It’s worth noting that the U.S. is currently playing with a similar disasterous game. It’s called charter schools which in too many cases are nothing but thinly disguised religious propaganda mills aimed at our children. The fail of these so-called “schools” won’t be felt for years to come.

Betsy deserves to rot in her hell.

Yes, ban ALL propaganda and only believe what WE tell you.

Okay, but this is not due to the mere presence of immigrants. More due to the absence of common sense. I cannot really speak for any country save the U.S. but i don’t think this has been a threat in America. I would not suggest that any immigration law in any country is wise. But this is a disestablishment clause issue in the U.S. and not an immigration issue per se.

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The report was done in 2015 since then the USA has NO GO ZONES.

Michigan is not the only state, there are I believe four others. Why is the US allowing this to happen? Muslims are literally buying up lands and converting it into compounds that are dangerous for non-muslims to enter and they have armed guards that monitor who tries to enter. Public roads become private roads…it’s insane.

Because for 8 years, the USA had a Muslim President who had no respect for Congress.

You mean like certain italian neighborhoods in early and midcentury america where law enforcement had lost some degree of control. Or the countless other neighborhoods of nearly every etinicity extant in america where law enforcement lacks control, even in some cases to this day?

That kind of zone?

Where are these places Faust? Where will you be beaten and killed for entering?

It’s mind boggling that you try to compare religious fanaticism with blocks run by Italian gangsters. Your examples and arguments are insulting to anyone with common sense.

It ties into the fear that immigrants, acting as a group, will be able to change the laws and customs of a society. After all, if a group is numerically a majority, then they will be able to elect politicians who represent their interests. And these politicians will be able to change the laws of the land. If the majority is Muslim and they want Sharia law, then the country will have Sharia law. Even a large minority can push and pull in a particular direction.

This begins on a small local level as Wendy has noted - no go zones.

The United States are only one of the nearly pseudo governments working for the globalists and has even less to ay than non-governmental organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission (TC), the UNO and the EU for example, because they are the institutions of the globalists, whereas governments of states (nations) range on second or even third place (level).

California should be a No Go Zone. Boy, that would make many of the insane regain some sense of their sanity.

So the issue is with the globalist agenda? Our elected officials all play party to that agenda?

I would ask you the same question. But that was not my statement. My claim was that there are neighborhoods in big cities in america where I would not go, where the police department doesn’t have a lot of control over what happens on the streets. I would guess that you haven’t spent much time in large american cities.

No Go Zones do not have to be “lawless”. It can be an area where you are not welcome because you’re not part of the ethnic or religious group. If white people do that it’s called racist.

Immigrants do change the laws and customs of society. They already have. But a mere numerical majority is not enough to change america to the extent that is being stated here. Power is vested a lot of other places than at a small town ballot box. If you want things to change less, the first thing you need to do is to take a hard look at the way things work.

The Dearborn thing started as a satirical article on a fake news site. And that’s where it ended, except in the minds of the congenitally fearful . Let’s get real, for christ sake.