White European preservation policies

There a lot of posts talking about preserving whites of European descent.

What policies and laws could be used for that purpose which would not be quickly abused and which would not set up a two-class or multi-class society?

One could stop all immigration from non-European countries but Western countries already have large non-European, non-white communities.

Needing to “preserve” whites is pure crappola. We’re here and we aren’t going away any time soon. It’s true that the demographics are changing not only here, but globally. The term preserve is simply code for hanging on to power along with white privilege.

There are no policies that could preserve white power without setting up a multi-class society. If you need an example, look at India. The caste system was in place a loooong time. It doesn’t work very well in todays world. But the clamor for class/race segregation is out there. It always has been. It’s damn difficult to be superior unless I can define “others” as inferior.

You can’t stop immigration. You can slow it down but it will happen over time. People will immigrate to escape chaos or to find a chance at a better living. Nothing will ever stop this.

A cute joke: If we build a 15 foot high wall we will create a new industry building 16 foot tall ladders.

Here’s an idea: demographic changes in the proportion of humanity of various races is driven in large part by birth rates, which have fallen in the (mostly white) first world and remained high in the (mostly non-white) developing world. There is strong evidence from Europe and the US that birth rates for a given population fall as wealth rises. So if we want to equalize birth rates, and thus slow the current demographic trends, all we have to do is raise the average wealth among non-whites to the level of wealth among whites, by helping the developing world and reducing racial inequality domestically.

Turns out equality, redistribution, and social justice are the best ways to preserve whites (with the added benefit that once you get on board with those, the only group you really care about preserving is humanity).

It’s all about birth rates???

Yeah right. Just MAKE EVERYONE RICH, then they will forget all about the propaganda to hate whites. Sounds like PK.

I don’t want to be rich, excessive waste is not my style. Why would I be happy speeding up the destruction of the Earth so I could have a big, overabundance of crap? I mean really.

Denying reality is a very popular “sport” on ILP. :wink:

Some facts:

The Non-European (Non-White) communities exist merely in Old-Europe, thus not in the whole Europe. Slavic and Baltic countries as well as the Hungarian country and the Romanian country do not have Non-European (Non-White) communities, as far as I know.

According to the majority of the Non-Europeans, “trying to make Non-Europeans rich” means “trying to make Europeans out of Non-Europeans”, thus: “trying to insult Non-Europeans”. They want money, yes, but they know how to get it without being insulted. They do not want any advice coming from Europeans (Whites). And this fact increases the more, the more Non Europeans and especially the more generations of Non-Europeans Europe has.

It’s easy. Kill all non-whites in white countries (they deserve it for being stupid enough to think they get to use the territory and resources of whites), and shoot any non-white who crosses the border.

Whites should have not only the right - but the duty, to kill any non-white on sight. After they kill the non-white, they would cut off the head of the non-white and receive a reward for the kill.

See how easy it is? It is incredibly easy to stop immigration, and it is incredibly easy to get rid of non-whites in white societies. All you have to do is abandon the enemy’s morality where the lives of enemies matter.

So stuff like this:

Is obvious nonsense.

Do you think these immigrants:

would keep coming if they were welcomed with a Right Wing Death Squad that shot them all to death with machine guns?

Of course not. They’d stay the fuck away from any country that did that.


Such bullshit! Immigration WILL continue as it has for millennia. Think about it: Immigrants came to North America, killed off as much of the native population as possible, and took over. They now call it Canada and the U.S. Think it couldn’t happen again? You wanna play might makes right, look out. If you have what they want…

The only reason immigration to white countries can happen is that whites have been infected with a perverted mind-virus that makes them accept self-destructive things like immigration.

Whites could easily stop it if they wanted to, that’s all I’m saying.

In the past, VIOLENT CONQUESTS happened, I don’t think there is a single time in history where a peoples (such as whites now) established a high society and then just chose to let in hordes of inferior filth so that they can take over the society.

Like I said, whites have been infected with a very weird and perverted mind-virus.

They could also wipe out all diseases if they wanted to. But they don’t want to. So what do you expect?

In a nutshell, the U. S. allows immigration because immigrants have historically occupied the bottom rung of the economic scale. In large part, they still do. In a very large and young (and now, wealthy) country with a great many natural resources, you need people to clean toilets, pick crops, cut lawns and do the most dangerous work. I have said this many times before, but back when i used to winter in Southwest Florida, it became abundantly clear that in hospitality/food service, landscaping, golf course maintenance, highway construction,the low rungs of the construction industry (to name a few) immigrants (mostly from mexico and central america) were necessary for the economy to function.

In short, brown people were making white people wealthier. It is much the same now, only less so than when I was down there. This circumstance is extant all over the country.

Immigrants make those who are already here wealthier.

I don’t think this is true. Japan and, more recently, China and India have embraced western capitalism and lifted millions of non-Europeans out of poverty, without being turned into Europeans.

Except that immigration is an economic boon for the US. Immigrants are net contributors to the economy, they create more jobs than they take, and they’re less criminal than native born Americans.

Immigration isn’t “self-destructive” unless your conception of self includes an irrational prejudice on the basis of skin color. That prejudice may be destroyed by looking into the empirical evidence about immigration.

EDIT: basically what Faust said.

You seem to have no idea of what has happened and still happens in Europe, especially in Old-Europe. We are talking about Europeans and islamic people from Africa and West Asia. This has nothing to do with East Asians. Also, China and India are very, very, very young capitalistic countries. Your comparision is absurd.

Also and in this case, please quote my whole sentence or even, if necessary, the whole text and not only a part of a scentence. One of the main points of my above text again:

Africans and West Asians are not like East Asians. Here, in this thread, we are talking about “European preservation policies” (see the topic of this thread), and, when it comes to immigration, about islamic people from Africa and West Asia, not about East Asians.

I’m reading a heavily distorted view of history here. You have to go back to the early years after WW11. Europe was in shambles and simply didn’t have enough laborers to clean up the mess and re-vitalize their economies. They welcomed immigrants from everywhere. Most of this first wave of immigrants assimilated even though they occupied the lower rungs of the economic ladder. It is their children who are the loud voices. The European whites made the mistake of keeping the non-whites down economically making assimilation difficult if not impossible. The disillusioned youth turned to the mullahs and wannabe revolutionaries hoping for some sort of resolution. Both are wrong. The non-whites in Europe simply want to become the equal citizen in every country. At that point, assimilation is possible. To be sure, there are plenty of people on both sides who are trying their best to promote fear and hatred of the “others”, but it is a fools game being repeated again and again.

So you are saying that Europeans should be killed off by immigrants? Why? Why are you such an anti-white or anti-European racist? If you a North American citizen of European origin, then why do you not know any historical fact about Europeans?

So you are admitting that you are reading your own heavily distorted view of history here (see above).

He’s making a great argument for why immigration is very bad for European countries, but really, it doesn’t matter how nice you are or how nice you have been, they gonna find a reason to get what they want. In fact, the less nice you are the more they respect you.

They will say nation of immigrants also about Germany or the United Kingdom, or Sweden - Well duh, somebody has been moving to those places at times, sometimes as an invader sometimes as an actual immigrant, therefore no reason to oppose mass immigration of people of different racial stock and its derived different culture, lol.

As I’ve said before, the arguments really don’t matter.
Immigration is good, now (it wasn’t good under Clinton in the 90s but that’s a long time ago), that’s all you need to know.
All these arguments are rationalisations for the already established moral good, through the muh feelz and the muh economy angle.

It’s almost impossible to believe that you are incapable of seeing ironic satire. #-o Apparently, it sailed right over your head. I’ll just leave it at that.

… a distorted new-age view. The White Europeans were doing what they had to do in order to make progress and that included keeping out less disciplined races and cultures. For their troubles, they became the envy of other less progressive cultures who sought and still seek means to infiltrate and take advantage of what they could not earn for themselves.

In the long run, it is still just a puppet show. The puppeteers use any excuse to sway the arms and hearts of the puppets. The rabble of Arabs didn’t gather together and decide to invade Germany on their own … nor the Blacks and Mexicans in the USA.

Wow. Talk about a distorted new-age view…

The whites were doing what they had to do to make progress? Yeah, if keeping wages deliberately low, a glass ceiling for education and advancement aimed at non-whites, etc.

Less disciplined races and cultures? Whaaaa?

Less progressive cultures?

Your assumptions are mind boggling.