White European Preservation Thread.

The European Union is trying to force Poland and Hungary to embrace foreign migrant quotas warning of consequences if they don’t in one month’s time. I hope both Poland and Hungary tell the European Union to fuck off. This world needs more sovereign independence everywhere.

Those countries will never be able to “survive” without the European Union. They depend on that “Union”. That is why that “Union” was founded (and later the Euro as well of course, by the way). Even the Brexit will not destroy the EU. The only chance would be a German exit (Gexit), because in that case all other EU members could not benefit from it anymore.

And the Gexit is prevented by Germany’s membership of the NATO and other organizations that have already become organizations of the globalists.

I also think that “this world needs more sovereign independence everywhere”, as you said, but I am afraid that this will only happen after the next catastrophe.

The EU administration is a corrupt, pocket-lining, dictatorship, hell-bent on destroying European countries that they despise, and fleecing them to the point of not being able to sustain their own, so the EU is endangering their own, so white European preservation was not a problem until then/until refugee quotas were a ‘thing’.

Save my white homies! (fist pump)

In the 1970’s my family grew up in a city in the United States that was dominantly German and Polish. In the 1990’s the neighborhood where my family grew up became displaced by Mexican immigrants. In fifteen years it went from being a neighborhood that was majority German and Polish to completely being Mexican. That means in fifteen years population displacement was 100%.

What happened to the indigenous Germans and Polish immigrants of the neighborhood? Some moved to other cities but most fled into rural American small towns.

Now as I speak even the rural towns are no longer safe in isolation as they’re slowly being absorbed by the same foreign migrant urban centers. This is where integration and multiculturalism fails in its so called mission statement of preserving diversity.

Welcome to the new American color wars boys and girls…

Like I said, sjws are nazis.

Global neo-bolsheviks is a better term for them as it exposes their communist doctrine ideologically.

We must ask ourselves what kind of economic system we have which has subjugated us that wishes to strip our identity, culture, language, tradition, and history.

Is such an economic system even worth it that requires our eradication, sacrifice, and total submission? I say no, it isn’t worth it where it should scrapped and disbanded altogether.

I believe since the inception of the E.U. such enforced migrant quotas have been there all along. Likewise with the United States a proposed North American Union with the global free trade accords. Different labels but enforced the same nonetheless.

Antifa are tools of the anti-white system.

Without the police officers being told to turn a blind eye to their violence, them being masked, they would not be out there in the streets.

Antifa + the fake news media (including censored and manipulated social networks) create the illusion that there are such high numbers of people out there who are anti-white while in reality that perception is manufactured by a small part of the population who are in control, in particular of the media.

Also it’s crucial to remember that demographics haven’t changed that much since last month. What has changed is the growing awareness of people that the establishment is not on their side and that they need to go. That may look daunting at first but life happens one step at a time.

One must ask, why is the media anti-white? When they themselves are white?

The media is Ashkenazi along with most of the United States government.

They’re gearing up for full censorship in the United States like they have in Europe which I have no doubt in my mind. They’ll do this by reducing Donald Trump’s presidency to one term and thereby putting a global democratic puppet in his place, whether it is a neoconservative or democratic politician the outcome will be the same. They’ll do this with corporate privatization of the internet, our groups of resistance will have to innovate and rely on older means of communication that cannot be controlled electronically. This is the future for us going fourth. They’ve always have owned the internet and we must realize this.

We must actively and creatively prepare for this outcome along with bolstering our numbers in defiant resistance. Next time they get one of their globalist puppets into office they will bring the axe down on American nationalists. We must stand ready and embrace tactful patience for the decisive moment of open rebellion.

Prepare yourselves accordingly…

So why did they arrest him? Did he not have a permit for the gun? :confusion-scratchheadyellow:

Need we say more?

I am naive about the Jewish cause… as you know, so why are they stirring unrest? to prolong their own?

Even in their religion expresses the desire for global power.