white house is at war with press

I was killing some time waiting for me wife to come home
so we can go out to lunch and while waiting, I was watching
CNN… it was some show by Jake tapper and he wasn’t very subtle
calling 45 a liar and pointed out how in the press meeting today,
news organizations that oppose 45, were excluded from this meeting,
organizations like CNN, NY TIMES and LA TIMES… organizations that
have been critical of 45…the war between the press and 45/WH is
really heating up and should get uglier as this is only 5 weeks into this
administration…full on war between press and 45 should be going
on any day soon…


It’s not just press but the local governments as well. And it will play in Trump’s favor. By cutting federal funding, Trump has forced the local governments to sink their teeth even deeper into its local population (raising taxes…again!) and slowly turning their own people against them.

He’s also banned the BBC from his press conferences… the BBC notoriously support left-wing sentiments, so they are not going to portray him in any kind of good light.