Who is the left hand of God?

IF Jesus is the right hand of God. Who is the left? knowing it is some sort of hierarchy. would it be St. Michael?

I dont know about any left hand. If you think about the logic of the times the phrase may not be meant to specifically state that Christ is the Right hand of God. But even so this does not dictate that there is a left hand. There are no references that I have personally read or heard about other than Christ being Gods right hand. I believe the comment is meant more to impress upon people how important Christ is in God’s work than to imply meaning to Christ and God’s relationship.

When Jesus refered to their Relationship He said that the Father was in Him, and He was in the Father. This has also caused people to believe that Christ directly was in fact God Himself. This I do not believe.

:unamused: fair enough

I was mainly speculating… dont give up… if someone does have a better answer than me I hope they come by and share the information. An interesting question either way. I would not mind knowing if there is or there is not a left hand so to speak.

:unamused: I thought you just like to argue so that is why I step. For I cannot argue like a scholar or a poliltican, but only like a child. So I suppose I may add a few things to make you laugh.

Jesus said," You will see me sit at the right hand of God, coming on cloud"

The book of Ezkiel , said there were animals like lion or sort next to a supreme being, God, next to him.

Gnostics tells us that Jesus went down to hell and save souls. Just as some gnostic saids, the angel Michael save souls from hell.

Cannot God be like a king, and Jesus is like the second authority and third the Angel Michael? Or this must be another brainstorm fairy tale I am proposing. How creative isn’t it?

Based on what I have read Jesus said that He did not have the authority to say who will even sit on His right and left sides. Moreso whomever that will sit on Gods left may be apart of more things God has planned that will only be revealed AFTER the apocalypse.

On the other hand… you may be correct. That seat may have already been given and God felt it unimportant to share that information with us!

Who knows. Perhaps it has been told no one has just paid enough attention to notice. There are many hidding things in the Bible. You can spend a lifetime reviewing it and never stop learning.

What about Mahdi? Jesus (Isa) and Mahdi are both important figures in the end game according to Islam.

Why must we always think inside the Judo-Christian box?

Well notice, the topic was called the right hand of GOD, not Allah. Even though Allah means God, saying Allah would imply that we are only thinking in the Muslim box, which is smaller than the Judeo-Christian box becuase the Muslim box is comprised of one religion.

Because the Muslims dont worship the Judean God. So therefore anything outside that box is exclusionary.

God needs his left hand free because he’s left-handed.

Excuse me? Those have to be the most ignorant statements I have heard in a long time.

Allah is God – Yahweh and Allah is one in the same. According to Islam Muhammad was the last prophet on earth, but the prophets prior to him were BIBLICAL characters such as Adam, Noah, ABRAHAM AND MOSES. Oh lest we forget Jesus – yes Muslims believe in Jesus, or as they call him Isa yet they don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus, they just hold that Jesus was one of the greatest prophets sent by God. Allah is the God of Abraham, of Moses, of Jesus, of Adam.

How can you guys have intelligent philosophical conversations about subjects if you don’t even understand what you’re talking about?

About Allah.

Who is his right hand man? Muhammad?
Then who is his left handed man?

bbzzzzzzzz… wrong. One wonders how YOU can have intelligent ANY conversation when you cant even figure out that the Gods are different.

YOU dont know what YOUR talking about! Where in the Bible does God say to lie in wait to smite the back of the necks of your enemies?

Do you see any Christians strapping bombs and killing women and children as Infidels?

Thats insane!

Allah for Muslims is the same as Yahweh in the Judeo-Christian Tradition. This is simple fact. The Qu’ran draws on the Hebrew Bible as well as the New Testament, Jews, Christians and Muslims share many of the same traditions- in affect Jews, Christians and Muslims are the children of Abraham. Whether you believe that your God is different is a seperate issue- from the standpoint of textual evidence all religions draw on the same sources.

Whether the Bible says that or not I think it would be unwise to claim the moral highground over Muslims. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all been guilty of ugly images of God which can distort our vision. For example when God commands the extermination of the Amalekites, Joshua 11:20 by pre-destining them to fight Israel so that he could destoy them.

“For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses”.

Thanks for the Islamophobia there! I do recall that it was said during the Crusades that as Christian armies under the banner of love trudged through the Holy Land they were knee deep in Jewish and Muslim blood because these people didn’t accept Christ’s love. The Roman Catholic church taught that going to war against the “Infidels” was an act of Christian penance. If a believer was killed during a crusade, he would bypass purgatory, and be taken directly to heaven. Christians can hardly take the moral high ground.

Blake talks of the left hand side of God as the place for the unworthy.

God said ishmael would be a wild man and that he would be at everyones throat and everyone at his. God said he would not make His covenant with Ishmael but instead with Issac.

Yea sure, a wild man follows God if you really want to believe it. His kingdom was grants because he was the seed of Abraham.

Just because it was the Same God at the start does not mean it is the Same God at the end. Things changed… and not for the better I might add.

I dont suppose the fact that God has complete authority over His creation has any meaning to you right? If God deems someone or something to be destroyed who are YOU or Myself to say otherwise? Go to God with your complaints not to me. I cant say or do anything about them. And it is not my place to justify them either.

O yea… the Crusades. Ok you really need to squeeze some time in for REAL history and not just a another false blatant lie to try and justify evil.

On the last part… yes the Pope had the audacity to proclaim heaven as a reward for fighting.

By the way… you shouldnt confuse Catholics with Christians. Catholics are Pagans.

This is intensely insane: We shouldn’t confuse Christians with Catholics because Catholics are pagans. What exactly are you saying? Catholics believe in God, Catholics believe in the divinity of Christ, what beliefs exactly separate them from other Christian denominations and makes them pagan?

I think you miss the point, it’s not the god who has changed it is the people, how they choose to worship god and their beliefs that surround God. Jews don’t believe the Messiah has returned, Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah (and about 90% believe that Jesus was God incarnated in human form), Islam rejects the idea of a Trinity, but believe in Jesus. All three groups follow the same God, the God of Abraham.

How much exactly do you know about Islam? You really think it’s about killing people and spreading their word by force? Perhaps you should find some better sources of information.

Christ said to judge things based on their fruits. O wait, did Christ just tell people to judge? (gotta save that one for later I guess)

The Catholic Church thinks they have the mandate of Heaven… basically their Dogma is established law enforced by God/Church.

They follow the 7 sacraments… if you dont recieve all of these you get to go to hell. Basically the Church decides who goes to hell or heaven.

They moved the sabbath day of worship to Sunday in Honor of the Sun God whom they originaly worshipped. This was done to appease the Chrisitans and the Sun worshipers at the same time… a compromised religion.

They forbid clergy to marry… an Institution Created by God for humans! On top of that they PROTECT clergy who give themselves over to vile lusts (homosexuality) which is considered an abomination by God!

They bow and pray to graven images (10 commandments)

They use Mary as an intercessor, and Christ said none may come by the Father but by ME!

Yea… they have indotrinated some Christian values, but they are NOT Christian… They MUST follow Christ to be Christian… and they DONT FOLLOW CHRIST!

How much do I know about Islam?

Lets just say this. I am an infidel by their standards and I should not be allowed to live unless I convert. Even though I know far more about it… I really dont need to know any more than that.

5 of the 7 Churches spoken of in Revelations will be destroyed. You cant even count on most Christians to even know their own religion. That says a lot about humanity.

We could give a crap about what truth is. We hate truth and we will hate for the sake of hating in our own selfishness.

People hate me because I bring truth. They hate truth because when it comes to them, they have to take notice of their own iniquity to accept that truth, and NO ONE not even me likes to hear about their iniquities. What it means to be Christian is to know you are not perfect, to accept your iniquity, ask forgiveness of them and to try and depart from them.

No one is perfect and least of all me. But this does not mean that I should hide in my shame like the world does just as Adam and Eve did.


I just wonder, and want to cut in, to say, are you all arguing with a full grown beard on or off?

me? I have no beard.

I didnt realize that a beard contained brains or had anything to do with being an extention of it.